Wow! This Man Is Super Wrong But Also Very Loud So Who Knows

Wow! This Man Is Super Wrong But Also Very Loud So Who Knows

Frank Carlson, in a rare show of confidence, never seems to run short of words to say about various subjects. What's interesting is that he knows absolutely nothing about these issues.

It's the way that he speaks that makes people willing to listen. We also stopped to listen, and we can admit that his points, though completely wrong, were pretty convincing.

You see, Frank is very loud, and that gets him willing listeners and people who seem ready to agree to what he has to say.

After getting into a watering hole in LA, he made a drink order and started going on about why servers could do without tips because minimum wage laws have them covered.

Obviously, he is very wrong. It's how loud he is about it that makes you wonder if he might actually have a point.

Even his friend, Marsha Travers, who happened to have worked for two years as a server and therefore knows for a fact that Frank was wrong, admitted that Frank's loudness made it sound like his ridiculous claims had some merit.

Marsha even had doubts about the realities she knew about this line of work. Frank could be the right, she considered.

It's not just his friends who have a problem disagreeing with him due to his loudness, but other patrons as well.

For instance, when decided to explain how America had never invaded another country, instead of people rising to the occasion and calling bullshit on his claims, many calmly listened and even had doubts about the reality of what they knew about the country and its history on war with other countries.

One of the patrons at the bar, Devin Chalmers, who was sure that this was another bold lie, says that the confidence and loudness with which he said it made him willing to hear him expound on the claim further.

Frank also went on to talk about how NASA does not exist. We cannot even begin to imagine how someone would think of saying such a thing.

Yet, those at the bar let these 'minor' factual inaccuracies slide. After all, who the hell knows what's true and what's not anymore?

The bartender, Stan Daniels, argues that loud people are probably smart. That is obviously very wrong. But he would probably be more convincing with his totally misguided claim if he raised his voice a little more.

Don't get us wrong, Stan was pretty loud as well, and that seems to be the secret to making people agree with whatever you are saying.

At this point, let's all agree smarter people are louder. If they weren't, they would not be so loud and confident, right?