Would You Shut Up, Man? Biden To Trump During Presidential Debate

Would you shut up, man? Biden to Trump during presidential debate

The presidential race for 2020 was bound to be heated, but it took a turn for the chaotic during Donald Trump and Joe Biden's debate.

The presidential debate between Trump and Biden on Tuesday, 29 September, left Americans rather rattled.

During the first segment of the debate, Trump, Biden, and the moderator, Chris Wallace, basically just interrupted each other.

In particular, Trump was talking over Biden whenever he tried to answer a question posed to him.

Biden Snapped

Eventually, after being interrupted and talked over so much, Biden couldn't take it anymore.

His frustration bubbled to the surface, and he said to Trump: "Would you shut up, man?"

The Build-up

At this point, Wallace asked Biden if he planned to support ending the Senate filibuster. Alternatively, he could add additional justices to the bench.

Biden, however, didn't want to answer the question and addressed the American audience instead.

Biden called on the US to vote and let their senators know how they feel. He continued to speak, but Trump chimed in.

Trump asked Biden if he would pack the court, but Biden stated that he would not answer.

Then, while Biden tried to continue talking, Trump continued to ask why he would not answer.

The older man lost his temper but did not shout as he shut his eyes and asked Trump the now-infamous question.

He then said that Trump's behavior was unpresidential, and Wallace decided to end the segment.

Later, he told the president to 'keep yapping'.

During the debate, Biden also called Trump a clown. It wasn't the first time that these two got into heated discussions.

Judging by how it went, it's not likely that Trump and Biden will have a civilized conversation any time soon.

From Comment to Merchandise

People who felt satisfaction when Biden uttered his words are also all for buying merchandise quoting him.

Not long after the debate, social media users started saying they would love bumper stickers and T-shirts with the five words on them.

Sure enough, the Biden team caught on, and T-shirts were soon available on the official website.

Biden's frustration has also become a meme now, and internet users are loving it.

Hilary Clinton Commented

Trump's presidential rival from 2016 went online to comment on the drama.

When a Twitter user said Clinton must have wanted to tell Trump to shut up as well, she said, "You have no idea."