Worst Friends Ever Trick Mate Into Eating Warm Dog Poo (VIDEO)

worst friends ever trick mate into eating warm dog poo (video)

I'm pretty sure eating dog poo would be one of the worst experiences ever, but imagine if your friends were intentionally responsible for it? Apparently, eating dog poop can even cause blindness, which is why this is a terrible and shocking prank by these thoughtless friends.

Undoubtedly, canine waste can't taste so good either.

However, a group of goofy friends was determined to make their friend bite into fresh, warm dog poo. Unfortunately for their friend, they managed to do just that.

The fellas disguised the whole prank as a chocolate tasting test. However, they craftily managed to work in a lump of dog waste as one of the chocolates.

As part of the deal, the unsuspecting friend would remain blindfolded as he was made to taste various pieces of chocolate before sharing his thoughts on what he had just tasted.

Unfortunately for him, one of the "chocolates" was a lump of fresh dog poop.

Here is the full video of the nauseating prank. Don't watch it if you cannot handle the idea of having a sizeable chunk of dog poop in your mouth.

Immediately after digging his teeth into the dog poo, he knew something was wrong. The guy immediately spat it out and started screaming, asking what he had just tasted.

Naturally, he was quite pissed, and his buddies tried to run away when he angrily realized he had been duped into biting into something incredibly disgusting.

After making him bite the poo, his friend takes off the blindfold to make the prank even more hilarious.

Clearly, the friends knew he would not be happy with the experience, which is probably why they had his hands tied to his thighs to make sure he would not catch them so easily after their humiliating prank worked.

Soon after getting up from his seat, the guy fell, trying to loosen his hands, obviously to get even or at least wash off the filth from his mouth.

Although getting pranked by friends is usually a funny and common experience, this practical joke goes a little too far. With any luck, the guy has a good sense of humor to forgive his idiot friends for putting his health at risk just to get a few laughs.

Friends don't let a friend eat dog poop, which is why these are arguably the worst friends ever.