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World's Tallest Model Struggles To Meet Men As They're Put Off By Her Size

World's Tallest Model Struggles To Meet Men As They're Put Off By Her Size

The tallest model in the world, Ekaterina Lisina, spoke about her height and how it affects her love life.

A Guinness world record holder for the longest legs has a beautiful face and figure. In many ways, the Russian model is perfect, but she gets anxious when she is out looking for love, standing 6 feet, 8.77 inches tall (205.16cm).

Ekaterina, whose legs are 4' 3" (132cm) long, said that her height causes problems when it comes to choosing a partner.

She told Alexis Texas on her podcast Private Talks:

"You know those problems when you like a boy but he's much shorter, or you like a tall boy but he doesn't want to be with you because you are too tall for him."

Lisina is not looking for someone taller than her. She would go for a guy who is 5' 7" and above. So, what's wrong with even shorter men, and had Lisina tried dating them?

She said:

"No, I think it's already really low for me. The difference is over one foot; a lot of girls can't even handle a couple of centimeters' difference, and this is one foot."

According to the Guinness World Records, Lisina's brother measures 6' 6", her father is 6' 5," and her mother is 6' 1". She started feeling anxious as soon as she realized that her height would harm her romantic life.

Ekaterina added that height should not matter in a relationship, explaining that a partner should "definitely care" about her. She also wants someone ready to show affection and "support financially if he can."

Yet, even that is not the most important thing for a relationship, as Lisina stated:

"But I think the most important thing is chemistry, and a spiritual connection… If there is no spiritual connection and even if you like how the person looks, it is not going to work anyway."

The model, who lives in Los Angeles, is not "a party person" or "person who likes to go out." So, she uses apps in search of her perfect mate.

We wish her all the luck, as everyone deserves love.