World's Oldest Mom Gave Birth To Twins At 70, And She's Struggling To Keep Up

Looking after a young, energetic child can be exhausting, even for those in the prime of their life.

So please spare a thought to this 80-year-old Omkari Singh, the world's oldest mother, and her schoolboy son Akashvani.

In 2008, Omkari made headlines across the world after becoming the world's oldest mother of twins. She was 70 at the time.

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Despite the couple having two adult daughters and five grandchildren, the couple, from northern India, was determined to have a son. He'd be the family's heir.

Omkari told news outlets:

"I thought if I give birth to a boy, I will become like other mothers. Without a son, there was no life for me. Because, who would own this house if I had no sons?"

So, Omkari's husband sold buffalos, mortgaged his land, and spend his life saving to pay for his wife's IVF treatment.


He also took a credit card loan to meet the expense.

Omkari's gynecologist explained:

"I've been in medicine for 20 years, and I have never heard of such a case."

After a hectic and painful pregnancy, Omkari delivered twins, a boy, and a girl, through emergency C-Section. The twins were born one month premature, weighing 2 pounds each.

At first, doctors said both babies were healthy and would survive. However, at the age of four, the female twin developed complications and tragically passed away.


But her son Akashvani continues to thrive.

Despite her advanced years, Omkari is continuing to relish motherhood. However, she admits people sometimes mistake her for Akashvani's grandma.

She said:

"Many people ask me, 'Is he your grandson'? I tell them, No. He is my son."

"I am thrilled that I am a mother of [a] son. It is an unexplainable feeling."

Like any schoolboy, Akashvani is playful and full of life, with his elderly mother occasionally struggling to keep up.


She said:

"It is hard to run around and feed him. Old age is like this."

And while Omkari stands out from the other mothers in her village, she gets their understanding and support.

Veermati, who lives in her area, said:

"It is good if Omkari gave birth to a child at this age."

"According to me, they made the correct decision. They have a love for each other, so it is good."


While Omkari adores her son, she knows age isn't on her side. But she hopes to live long enough to see him marry.

She said:

"I am not worried. After my death, my daughter will take care of my son."

"I wish my son gets married very quickly, and we both can be present at his wedding."