Wonderful Friends: Start Doing These Things Every Morning

Wonderful Friends: Start Doing These Things Every Morning

It's really quite difficult to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships on a day-to-day basis in this modern age. Therefore, you have to trust it when it comes your way. Treasure those connections!

You have to be able to look around you with pride at the people you surround yourself with. There can't be regrets or what if's when you think about the people that you trust to be there for you when you need them.


If you can't come to them when you need them, or make yourself vulnerable to the key people in your life, they're just dead weight.

Cut them loose and focus on yourself

We can't always be apologizing for people in our lives that don't truly value us. It sucks up all our mental space and the ability to be compassionate with ourselves.


If we're too busy focusing on the impact we have on other people, we haven't got any time left to think about ourselves!

We have to be grateful for what we have in times like these. Good or bad, high or low. Perspective is always the key. I know that sounds like something you'd see on the wall of your high school guidance counselor's room, but move with it.

Clichés are clichés for a reason, after all!

We know that it's important to make mistakes in order to learn from them because otherwise, we wouldn't grow as people. We'd stay as idle machines, with zero emotions or consequences in the world.


How else to make a ripple in our time on this earth but by breaking a couple of eggs?

Occasionally, we have to hit rock bottom in order to know how to move on from that. Reach the bottom and bounce back. We tend to know much more about ourselves and the people who are around to support us in these moments.

It allows us to be grateful for what we have and the relationships that do stand the test of time and difficulty.


When it's not all sunshine and roses or cute Instagram captions

When we're crying and feel resentful and bitter – like a mess, in short, the friends are there for us, and for that, we must be grateful and appreciate what we do have. Even when it feels like we don't actually have that much going for us.

Smile through the pain. Even if it feels like a performance to start with, eventually, that smile will ring true. Have faith in yourself.


No emotion is permanent, you won't always feel this way, and you will emerge stronger. Try getting out of your head during these periods.

Go outdoors!

Try hiking or working out a little more. Maybe even going to your local reservoir to sit and watch the water reflect and ripple. It's perhaps one of the most relaxing, life-affirming things to do, listening to the water's movement.


This can be a time of meditation and self-care. Simply taking the time to luxuriate in prioritizing yourself, doing things that you need. This allows you to live in the moment and give yourself a break from life.

Once you've established boundaries in your relationships and made room for yourself you can unlock all that is within yourself. Things that you didn't even realize were there in the first place!


You're worth it, trust me. Doing a couple of self-care activities every morning can make a huge difference. Be it meditation, reading, even a short walk or stretch.

It sets you up for the day feeling more positive and open and provides you with coping mechanisms for whatever life may throw your way.

It may not feel like it, but doing things for the simple reason of needing to, IS a good enough reason.