Women Should Have Extra Husbands, New Study Claims

Women Should Have Extra Husbands, New Study Claims

Polygamy is illegal, yet new studies proved that women are the ones who need more than one husband. Additional two would do the trick, and you're about to find out why!

Usually, when we think of polygamy, it's one husband and two wives. Somehow, our twisted human minds don't have a perception that it's actually women who would benefit from similar scenarios.

The Study

But, the study called "Unpacking mating success and testing Bateman's principles in a human population" may change your mind. It explained that men make millions of sperm while women make comparatively few eggs. This means that women are the limiting factor in reproduction and are much more critical to an offspring's success than fathers. Therefore, men should be fighting for women if they want to have prosperous children.

Additional Factors

Well, there are other aspects to consider. Men live shorter, and in that primal way, a woman needs someone to take care of her and the kids. Of course, while she's the one doing the chores. And if this sounds a bit troubling, keep in mind that this study wasn't something that happened overnight. It took two decades and 2000 participants from the Pimbwe people in a remote village in East Africa.

The researches compared their marriages, and the conclusion went beyond small villages in Africa.

Lead author Monique Borgerhoff Mulde explained that "when we looked at the number of different individuals a person married over their lifetime, the pattern diverged. Men with multiple spouses had a lower rate of producing children than men with fewer spouses.

Women Are Simply More Valuable

But women with multiple spouses had a larger number of surviving children over their lifetime than women with fewer spouses." The author literally theorized that being married to more than one husband could be beneficial for a woman. It means providing her with a spare source of income if one husband gets sick. Additionally, a larger family to call upon in times of difficulty.

We doubt any of this will make it legal to rent additional hubby, but show this to your man. You might kill his polygamy fantasies and teach him a lesson of a lifetime: women are more valuable than men.

Though the research started with animals, we ended up with something to daydream about. Imagine coming home from shopping, one hubby playing with the kids, and the other taking out the trash. Then the third one is back from work. Sounds like a plan. And hey, even scientists agree, and who are we to disagree with science?