Women Don't Want The Perfect Man: This Is What Women Really Want

Women Don’t Want The Perfect Man: This Is What Women Really Want

Many men believe that women are looking for perfection from any man they might consider dating. This may make them feel as though they are not even in with a chance with some women. However, it is important to know that many women do not want the perfect man, but there are some qualities that these women want.

Knowing what women want rather than assuming they are after the perfect man can boost your chances of a successful relationship. This article will look at what women want from their men and why you do not have to be the perfect man.

What Women Want!

Many men do themselves no favors by assuming that most women are looking for the perfect man. Instead, they should be focusing on what women really want from a man, which includes:

Your Time

One thing that most women want from men is their time. Of course, this does not refer to every waking minute of every day, but to spending quality time together.

So, rather than spending all your free time with friends, on social media, or pursuing other things, you should make sure you also put time aside for your partner. Most women do not want an absent partner who is either never around or is there but not focused on being there with her.


Of course, it is only natural that women want a partner who respects them, and this is a very important quality that most will look for in a man. Without respect, the relationship becomes very difficult to sustain, and respect does have to be a two-way thing.

Respect is vital in any relationship, and it is important that you respect the things she does, her opinions, and her as a woman. Making her feel appreciated and supporting her can go a long way in making the relationship successful.

Undivided Attention

When a woman asks for undivided attention, she is not asking for you to devote every second of your life to her. This just means appreciating spending time with her and making sure that the time you do spend together is quality time.

For instance, there are plenty of men who take their partner out for a nice meal, then spend the whole of that time messing about on their phone and going on social media. Instead, you should be ensuring that your time together is just about the two of you rather than focusing your attention elsewhere.

Making an Effort

Another important quality that women want from men is to make an effort with the relationship, the home, their career, and other important aspects of life. Men who make an effort show that they are committed, which can be very reassuring.

If you are completely disinterested in everything, don't help out in the home, cannot be bothered with work, and do not even make an effort with your appearance, it gives off a bad impression. Even if you love your partner, it may not seem like it to her if you do not make any effort.


Honesty is vital to any relationship, as, without it, you have no trust and no real core to the relationship. So, it is important to be honest with your partner about things in life, even if you are unsure how they will respond.

A Recipe for Success

If you are worried that you are not a perfect man and will not find your soulmate, think again. As long as you are familiar with what women want from a man, you have a recipe for success.