Women, Be Loud. It's Healthy, Says Study

Women, Be Loud. It’s Healthy, Says Study

Loud women often get a bad name, but it turns out they get something better in return: better health.

So, if you are someone who always seizes a chance to express your thoughts, keep doing it.

You might get criticized for it, especially by guys, but it's time you let that be their problem, not yours.

In fact, science is on your side, and here are reasons silence is bad.

1. Silence Hurts

Silence, they say, is golden. But in romantic relationships, this means bottling up your feelings when upset so you don't hurt your partner.

Obviously, keeping things to yourself is very unhealthy, which is why speaking up against people who wrong you in relationships is important, whether it be with your spouse or family members.

2. Self-Silencing Linked To Stroke

The North American Menopause Society did a study that discovered that self-silencing among women increased the likelihood of suffering from a stroke.

The study involved 304 women, and those who kept quiet when they needed to express something had greater arterial plaque buildup and consequently more likelihood of suffering from stroke and other cardiovascular issues.

3. Speaking Up Is Good For Your Partner Too

All relationships need proper communication and keeping things a secret gets in the way of that. When you have an issue with your partner, let it out.

It gives you a chance to improve on the relationship and make it more beneficial to the two of you. So, don't always assume that speaking up is what will jeopardize your relationship, keeping quiet might be worse.

4. There Are Health Issues Linked To Silence

Studies have shown that keeping quiet when there is something to say is bad, and it can lead to problems like depression, increased risk of death, and even irritable bowel syndrome.

In women, it was found out that women who bottled their feelings suffered four times the risk of death compared to women who expressed their feelings.

5. Silence Is A Form Of Abuse

Many people who keep quiet when they have an issue worth voicing are usually victims of abuse. But sometimes, that is not what happens. Some people keep quiet out of fear that speaking up might jeopardize the relationship. Whatever the case, self-silence is never healthy, and it amounts to self-abuse. So, don't be quiet.

And there you have it, reasons you should not be afraid to speak up when the occasion calls for it. We often keep our opinions and feelings to ourselves to avoid hurting other people. But it turns out that while you might avoid hurting your spouse or friend, you are usually hurting yourself and putting your health at risk. So, learn to speak up. It's healthy.