Woman's Lips Ballooned To Triple Their Size After Allergic Reaction


24-year-old Basia Query went for a third lip filler earlier this month but ended up suffering a severe allergic reaction. Her lips ballooned to thrice their normal size.

The procedure was discounted and did not involve needles but the young lady from Las Vegas went into likely anaphylactic shock.

The beautician had used a hyaluronic pen to get the filler into her lips. This pen uses highly pressurized air to get the filler beneath the skin.

Query's body likely rejected this procedure because within minutes her lips got "uncomfortable" and started swelling. They became so swollen that it became difficult to speak or even drink.

Within two hours, her lips had tripled in size.

She tried first aid, rushing to a pharmacy to get histamines, but they did not help.

She was rushed to the hospital by her boyfriend, Gage Dodds. She was given a shot of adrenaline and IV drips within five minutes of arriving.

When an anaphylactic shock is suspected and confirmed, an adrenalin shot is administered to counteract the effect of the shock.

While the immune system is flooding the body with chemicals that cause a drop in blood pressure and narrowing of the airways, the adrenaline shot speeds up the heart to increase blood pressure and open up the airways.

Query later said that the reaction was caused by Lidocaine, an anesthetic used to numb pain that she had never taken before.

The swelling subsided in 24 hours but pictures from before that were shocking. She shared a video on TikTok where she said it was the "scariest thing ever" and that she was so worried that her lip might be "cut off."

In her words:

"I was terrified and thinking 'what if they cut my lips off, or stay this way forever.' I didn't know what to do. I had never seen lips this big, and the woman who did my lips said other people had had a reaction but never that big."

Although the swelling subsided, her lips were left severely bruised. The incident was enough to make her swear off lip fillers or any other similar procedures.

She said: "I was sharing it because friends said it was funny, but I didn't know it was going to go viral and now I am getting trolled.

"A lot of people are saying to me to just love yourself, and some are making fun of it, but I am making fun of myself and I don't even read the comments. I will not do it again, I am done with getting filler. I was also going to get botox next month but have canceled it."

While she made a personal decision to steer clear of such procedures, she doesn't exactly discourage others.

She said: "I have learned to always do research into what I am putting into my lips, it's the same thing with botox or getting a boob job, it's different for everyone."

Query is yet to request a refund for the $350 discounted fillers she got.