Whether you are college sweethearts or met through a friend and somehow found love, if it’s time to make it stick, you need to prepare, right?

Planning a wedding proposal is a crucial task, and as such, you need to ready. You need that golden ring and to memorize that speech before pouring out your heart. However, if you are the recipient of the proposal, you might be caught off-guard.

If you are the one being proposed to, it’s important to keep the moments in memory. It’s normal for you to want to let your friends know that he asked for your hand in marriage, and this is where a photo comes in handy. However, if you aren’t well prepared, you may wish to skip the photo session, but if your partner insists, you might be forced to find a way of saving the day.

Social media is always ready to receive your photos. Thus, you want them to be perfect for all to see. If it so happens that you got plenty of friends on social media, you would want your pics to go viral. This is what happened to one lady in Melbourne. Her boyfriend knelt for a proposal, but the lady wasn’t ready for a photo moment. Luckily enough, her cousin offered a hand to ensure that the photo was magic. The pic has now gone viral, and everyone is talking about and retweeting it all over the place.

If the photo had a weird hand, people would be talking about a different story altogether. Your partner kneels and proposes for marriage. Miraculously, you gather the courage and accept the proposal. You kiss for a moment and take a few photos to savor the moment. Then, you realize your nails aren’t polished for a perfect picture. Don’t make a mistake of posting such a photo on social media. You may not like the reactions from your close friends.

After being posted on 3rd November, the photo picked up to 664,000 likes within a day. More than 160,000 people retweeted the pic. Women were all overloading replies and tagging their best friends to help them get out of such a situation. However, the big question is whether the nails will have grown back before the wedding day.

You need to understand your partner and be ready for a surprise. If you have a strong affection towards your partner, it is important to be prepared for a proposal at any-time. Therefore, be prepared and avoid any form of shame that would spoil such a moment. If your partner asks you for a walk, expect anything. Learn to listen to their hearts and be prepared. Create more time to check in your body and be elegant at all times. It won`t cost you much to be smart at all times, rather than face the wrath of your social media friends.

Such minor mistakes may steal your joy and end up regretting. Remember, your boyfriend may not propose again especially if you say yes the first time.

Remember, if your partner kneels and proposes and you are caught off-guard, find a way of saving the day. If your nails aren’t well polished, find a friend nearby to help you out like the woman in Melbourne, you may their hands to take a selfie instead. This will save your day and preserve your joyous moments.