Woman's "Beautiful" Act Of Kindness After Spotting Stranger Crying In Restaurant

Woman's "Beautiful" Act Of Kindness After Spotting Stranger Crying In Restaurant

After a tough day, it's nice having someone comfort and reassure you. For Angela Lynch, the friendly shoulder was offered by total strangers in the most unlikely of places.

The upset lady was in tears as she was having her dinner alone.

The group seated next to her was concerned by her emotional well-being. They decided to surprise the woman by making her day better.

Later, she spoke about the kindness she got from the strangers, and some people could not hold back their tears.

Angela told the world about the kind strangers through a TikTok video.

The clip showed a pile of sweets on her table. She also included the caption:

"I was having my main character moment, crying alone at dinner after a rough day when the girls sitting next to me slid me this note with candy and a glass of wine."

She pointed out that "a little kindness goes a long way." Angela then opened a note that read:

"Bought your dinner. Sorry for your troubles, wishing you the best and no stress xoxo."

The kindness did not just make Angela smile, it also brought joy to a lot of internet users who saw the video. The clip has so far received over 600k views and hundreds of comments.

One of the people wrote saying:

"Not to be dramatic but I would never stop crying if someone did that to me."

Another took note of the fact that a woman had looked out for another woman:

"When women look out for other women, it is so incredibly beautiful and powerful. We can be amazing."

A third said:

"I wish nothing but happiness for them, this is so sweet. I also hope you're feeling better!"

One of the strangers who helped out the woman also saw the video and commented saying "Omg this was me and my friends!!we'd buy you dinner any time, sending you lots of love."

Angela responded to the message by saying "You girls are one of a kind! Thank you for being so caring, you really made my night and I'd love to hang out sometime."