Weird Story

Woman With "World's Biggest Lips" Auctions Off Christmas Kisses Under Mistletoe

Andrea Emilova claims that she has the biggest lips in the world, and she has decided to put them to good use. She is giving Christmas kisses under the mistletoe.

Andrea has had 43 different procedures to increase the size of her lips, which has cost her almost £18,000. The operations include a staggering 30 hyaluronic acid injections to make her lips as big as possible.

During this Christmas season, the 25-year-old woman is auctioning off kisses under the mistletoe. She is willing to plant a kiss on anyone who bids the most cash.

However, despite getting all these procedures, she intends to get more operations over the Christmas season:

"For Christmas I will have new procedures on my face, I will have new injections of hyaluronic acid in my lips, chin and cheekbones as a gift from me to myself for Christmas."

Her plan is to make her lips bigger than they currently are, and she also wants to have the biggest chin. Andrea would also like to get new procedures on her face as well as breast enhancement procedures.

Andrea was born in Bulgaria, and she has admitted to having a fondness for "exaggerated things." Her belief is that natural beauty is "boring."

The eccentric model is not "finished changing yet." She would like to have more fillers, and she likes putting on heavy makeup as she awaits additional cosmetic procedures.

She has committed herself to make radical changes to her appearance since she is a big fan of "huge shapes."

At the moment, she is selling festive kisses and is certain that she will have plenty of people willing to pay for her larger-than-life lips:

"I am sure there will be a lot of willing men to bid for my biggest kiss this Christmas."

Andrea has not always been like this. Before she set out on this journey, she felt different about herself.

She said that she felt "impersonal" and "looked like millions of other women in the world."

Today, she is happy because she looks different. Although she knows she was beautiful before the got the surgical procedures, she likes her current appearance much better since it's an "improved appearance."

However, Andrea still thinks she is not perfect, which is why she would like to change her appearance even more.

Her decision to change her appearance seems to have worked out since she gets a lot of attention and marriage proposals from admirers.

Still, although she gets plenty of positive attention for her boldness, some people reach out to criticize her. Some people think she looks too artificial and believes that what she is doing is unnecessary.

Andrea also meets people who insult her and others who laugh at her and point fingers.

Fortunately, she is happy with her current appearance and the attention it gets her when she is out in public. Many people approach her to take pictures with her, which she loves.

Her resolution for the new year is to be more positive and take part in more sports. She would also like to get more cosmetic procedures.