Woman With Tourette's Syndrome "Punched Guy In The D*ck" Because Of Condition During Sex

A streamer on Twitch with a diagnosis of Tourettes Syndrome shared how the disorder affects their sexual experiences.

Anita, a 32-year-old YouTuber, and the streamer, has had tics for her entire life. As a child, she would often cause embarrassment for her mother by wolf whistling in public, frequently using profanity, and saying things without intending to.

Listen to Anita as she further discusses her experiences in the video below:


Tourette Syndrome typically begins in childhood and can manifest in a range of physical and vocal tics, such as blinking, shrugging, jumping, whistling, coughing, making animal noises, speaking random words and phrases, and using profanity, as stated by the National Health Service (NHS).

This was the case for Anita, but it went undiagnosed by doctors.

Instead, she remembers being told that she was likely "just attention seeking" and that she would "grow out of it."


Over time, Anita became familiar with Tourettes Syndrome, but did not connect her own behavior with the disorder.

"I had such a stereotype in my head that I never thought that could apply to me," she told LADbible TV. "My stereotype of Tourettes Syndrome was that it was only swear words... that it could never be complex. And the things I was doing when I was alone were complex."

Anita observed that there were specific circumstances in which her tics did not occur, such as when she could "focus and fixate on something without distraction."


She further provided insight into how the condition impacts her sexual experiences, noting that sexual activity is one of the instances where she does not commonly display tics.

"A lot of people who have Tourettes tend to report that they have fewer tics or none during sex," Anita explained.

Anita went on to say: "The thing about that is, that's because it engages your focus, so it only applies to good sex, which is really f**king brutal. I've never hurt a guy's ego more than suddenly going [pop sound] during an intimate moment."


Her physical tics can also disrupt romantic situations, as Anita recounted an instance in which she "punched a guy in the genitals" unintentionally. Despite this, her partner understood it was not intentional and they remained together for five years following the incident.

It wasn't until she was 27 years old that Anita received a formal diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome. She stated that her life truly began after receiving the diagnosis.


"I got a job, I got an explanation and I got friends, and everything started for me, because the minute and involuntary an offensive action has an explanation, people can connect to you," she explained.