Woman With 'Lazy' Eye Fulfills Dream Of Becoming A Model & Feels 'Free'

Elley Davies, an 18-year-old studying beauty therapy at college and working as a shot girl at a club in the evenings, has overcome bullying for her "lazy" eye and achieved her dream of becoming an OnlyFans model. By flaunting her body, she feels a sense of freedom and has garnered a significant following on TikTok and OnlyFans.

1. Elley Has An "Eye Turn."

Due to a condition called strabismus, her left eye is considered "lazy," and she has around 80% blindness in that eye. As a result, her right eye compensates by working harder.

2. She's Extremely Body Positive

Although Elley has faced her share of online harassment throughout the years, she remains committed to loving herself just the way she is. As a result, joining OnlyFans felt like a natural decision for her. "I started OnlyFans as another way of income, and because TikTok isn't reliable in my favor," she tells the Daily Star. "I post lingerie and some nude content."

3. She'd Be Into The Idea Of Making Onlyfans Her Full-time Career

Elley is exercising a great deal of caution since she is reluctant to make hasty decisions due to the unpredictable nature of the industry. "I've considered going into OnlyFans as a career, I'd just like to see how things go with it before I make any decisions because TikTok is so unreliable I expect and fear it from other apps," she explains. "The future is unpredictable, and is expanding."

4. Elley Thinks Social Media Could Be The Place To Make A Name For Herself And Provide For Her Future Family

"Social media is now a big place to build a career for yourself. I believe in what I'm doing is setting myself up for a happy life that I choose to live," she says. ""I want my kids, if I have them, to have everything and to be proud to be able to give them anything and everything they need to live their best life. Like always, others' opinions never matter."

5. She Also Doesn't Put Up With Haters

Elley is quick to block anyone who makes negative comments about her eye, as she expects her followers to be respectful. She asserts that the vast majority of her followers are courteous, and she won't tolerate any who are not. "None of my fans comment on my eye, if they do they are blocked – what's the point of subscribing and paying to a page you don't like?" she says.

6. Right Now, It's Working For Her

Although Elley may not continue with OnlyFans indefinitely, it's currently an enjoyable pursuit for her. "As I said I just want to see how it goes, I'd like to progress with it until I feel it's no longer beneficial to me," she admits. "I like the ability to be free with my body on the app. It's not just about selling yourself, it's about self-love and being happy to show the body you love and have."