Woman Whose Face Was Unwillingly Tattooed Experiences Life Transformation After Kind Stranger's Offer To Assist With Removal

Taylor, a survivor who had been forcibly tattooed, is receiving complimentary tattoo removal services from Removery, thanks to the assistance of TikTok user Karridy Askenasy. Once the tattoos are removed, Taylor intends to embark on a career in mental health care, leaving her painful past behind her.

Following the traumatic experience of having her face tattooed against her will, a woman is now undergoing the process of having the ink removed, thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

Back then, Taylor White, a 21-year-old from Florida, was in a relationship with a man who initially began as verbally abusive but swiftly progressed to both verbal and physical abuse.

On her 21st birthday, she went out for a night on the town, but her lover had sinister intentions. He, along with a few of his friends, manipulated Taylor by getting her intoxicated and then lured her to a motel.

She awoke in the vacant hotel room, experiencing intense pain, and while her memories of the previous evening were hazy, she couldn't shake the feeling that she had been subjected to abuse.

Taylor's predicament took a darker turn when she looked in the mirror and discovered that her face was covered in tattoos depicting "really horrible things."

As she continued to heal from the assault, the former tattoo artist tried to hide the inkings with concealer.

It wasn't until her supervisor noticed the tattoos peeking out from beneath her makeup that she realized she couldn't go on living like this.

She recounted to the New York Post that he had told her, "You can't live like this," and had proposed covering the unwanted body art with blackout ink to enable her to lead a "normal life."

Despite accepting the offer in 2008, Taylor faced multiple job rejections. However, a TikTok creator pledged to lend her a helping hand.

Even more astonishingly, TikTok user TheDadBot inadvertently joined her livestream.

Karridy Askenasy, the content creator, was deeply touched by Taylor's story and her videos after learning about her situation.


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"The trouble she was facing obviously had a personal effect on her," he said in an interview with The New York Post.

Karridy added: "It was preventing her from doing the most good possible."

He went above and beyond by offering to cover the expenses for the tattoo removal and reaching out to several hospitals to seek assistance with the laser treatment.

Remarkably, Removery, a company specializing in laser tattoo removal, volunteered to perform the procedure without charge, even though it typically costs several thousand dollars.

According to Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie, Removery's Vice President of Clinical Operations, Taylor could potentially be free of tattoos for up to two years. Brodie also mentioned that Taylor was 'smiling' during her initial session.

Taylor appears undeterred by her past experiences, and she now has aspirations to pursue a career in the field of mental health care following her tattoo removal.

The now 37-year-old said: "I'm not having it removed purely for cosmetic reasons."

"This is really removing a part of me that I no longer represent or live in."