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Woman Who Was Called Out By Fitness Influencer Says She's Been Flooded With Death Threats And Hate

For one woman, the gym experience just became even more daunting if she already found it intimidating.

The woman has been subjected to online harassment following her being reprimanded by a fitness trainer.

Nora Love claims to have received death threats after posting a TikTok in which she labeled a man she observed while exercising as a "gym creeper."

See the response from the fitness trainer below:


You never know someone’s story or what they’re going through. Stop this.

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Visiting the gym can already be somewhat intimidating.

Due to the complex equipment, numerous individuals, and a plethora of regulations, it can actually become more stressful instead of reducing stress.

This held particularly true for one woman who shared a video of a particular gym encounter that has since elicited significant backlash on the internet.

Recently, Nora Love utilized TikTok to share her alleged encounter with a "gym creeper" with her several thousand followers.

She recorded an elderly man seated on gym equipment and accused him of "staring at girls" as they exercised.

However, Joey Swoll, a well-known bodybuilder who calls himself the "CEO of body positivity," became aware of Love's video and publicly criticized her.

Swoll, who is known for addressing individuals who criticize others at the gym, edited Love's original video and shared it with his 6.4 million followers.

He labeled the TikTok with: "You never know someone's story or what they're going through. Stop this."

In response to Love's allegations regarding the "gym creeper," Swoll stated there was "no way" he was observing the woman in question.

"Could you imagine if this was the other way around and he did this to you?" he added.

The video which has been pieced together has now been watched over 6.3 million times.

The video that went viral resulted in a mix of both love and hate messages being sent by fans of Joey Swoll on the internet.

In an interview with Insider, Love stated that Swoll's reply perpetuated an untrue story.

She said: "He shared my video on his platform with a fake narrative, making me out to be the bad guy."

Clarifying her perspective, she further stated that Swoll was portraying her as being disrespectful, even unkind, and even harassing the elderly man whom she had captured on video.

"Which is not what was happening at all," Love explained.

The overwhelming online abuse has caused Love to remove all of her social media presence, including her Pinterest account.

Love not only reported receiving hateful messages, but she also claimed to have been bombarded with a constant stream of phone calls.

"They were going hard to try to find me with the intention of [...] making me lose my source of income," she alleged, "making me fear for my safety."

Love informed the news source that the hatred she was facing was not limited to insults and vulgar messages but had escalated to death threats.

Love referred to the recent period as an "absolute nightmare" and disclosed that she had never experienced more panic attacks in her lifetime.

Following criticisms that he was promoting misogyny on the internet, Joey Swoll has since published a statement on Instagram.

He upheld his position that his content focuses on creating a supportive and uplifting gym environment for everyone.

"If you actually go to my page," he wrote, "you'll see I've done an equal amount of videos on men and women because gender has nothing to do with it."

"I have no agenda other than making the gym a safer place for EVERYONE. Period."