Woman Who Sold Her Farts Now Makes $5k Per Day Selling Boob Sweat

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After selling farts, Stephanie Matto, who appeared in 90 Days Fiancé, is now selling boob sweat.

It sounds bizarre, but Matto might be the biggest innovator turned entrepreneur of the decade.

Stephanie, 31, was forced to shut her farting business following a heart-attack scare last winter. She made a small fortune creating jars of farts and was on a special diet to meet the demands of her audience.

She has a new venture, and it is ideal for the lazy summer days. She packs her boob sweat in jars, and the business is booming.

Early Retirement And New Chances

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Matto from Connecticut, US, was forced to retire in January. The "fartrepreneur," as she called herself, is back after a high-fiber diet of beans and eggs left her hospitalized.

The heart attack scare came as excess gas created chest pains.

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She made up to $1000 for each fart jar.

The woman is fully recovered, and this time, her business does not require much effort. All she needs is a warm summer day with high humidity.

Stephanie claims she can fill ten bottles of sweat jars in a day, which she sells for $500 each.

Selling Boob Sweat

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Talking to Jam Press, the 31-year-old said:

"I love sitting by the pool, but it's also hard work, don't be fooled."

She is really selling her product:

"I also have a great set [of breasts]. And smelling the sweat, licking the sweat, would bring fans as close as they can get to them."

"Sometimes it can vary how long it takes [to fill up a jar] as it depends on several scientific factors, mainly the heat, movement, and how hydrated I am."

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There are certain things this lady has to do to produce more sweat:

"I try to drink a lot of water and sit as much in direct sunlight as I can."

"I like to call myself the human maple tree, and the boob sweat my sap – I sit there and collect my sap the same way a maple tree does."

The New Business Is Not Without Risks

Too much sun cannot be healthy. But, Stephanie is doing everything to protect herself, saying:

"I'm also trying to practice this craft as safely as possible with a proper SPF moisturizer, however, after this past week, I have learned that a simple SPF 30 won't be cutting it since I did burn my chest quite badly."

As a proper entrepreneur, Matto learned her lesson:

"With boob sweat, I want to do things right. I want to be smart, start off slow and have sustainable growth that doesn't overwhelm my body."

We hope this business does not harm her health as much as being a "fartrepreneur."

People Have Thoughts

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Of course, this is beyond controversial and bizarre.

After announcing her new "product" on TikTok and Instagram, Stephanie's followers shared their thoughts:

One wrote:

"Get that money but also try a sauna, so you don't croak from heat stroke."

Another praised the young woman:

"The Elon Musk of body byproducts."

Someone made a nasty joke:

"I am surprised this girl is not selling organs."

Will she turn boob sweat into a lucrative business? Stay tuned!