Woman Who Married A 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Reveals They’re Splitting Up

No, this has nothing to do with “ghosting”, the cruel relationship practice of stopping all and any communication with someone you were involved with without warning. It is the story of an actual rocky ghost marriage that has finally ended in divorce.

While breakup stories are always sad, there are far too many divorces in the world today for an average divorce to get any form of media attention.

Unless, for instance, one of the partners involved is a 300-year pirate ghost.

People reports that Amanda Teague, an avid Jack Sparrow fan based on how much she likes to impersonate this popular make-believe character married Jack (the ghost) in 2018 in a private ceremony.

In true pirate spirit, the ceremony took place on international waters on a boat, off the coast of her homeland country of Ireland. The ceremony was officiated by a shaman priest and a medium was involved.

The decision to have the ceremony on international waters was also influenced by the fact that the marriage would not be legal if done in Ireland.

But now, the union has reached its end.

However, the woman is trying to say as little as possible to avoid messing around with the spirit world she involved herself with.

The odd pair met in 2014 when her invisible soulmate showed up next to her as she lay in bed.

He wanted to get intimate, but she insisted on a committed relationship. She insisted on going the whole nine yards in order to wear a white wedding dress. She even changed her name to Amanda Sparrow Large.

The ghost is dark-skinned and has jet black hair. At least that is how he described his appearance to the Irish mother of five when they met.

The divorce, according to Amanda, is entirely Jack’s fault. Initially, they had a beautiful relationship. But Jack ended up being selfish and draining and stealing her energy.

This is why she has been dealing with a host of health issues of late.

She has finally chosen to end the relationship and is considering getting exorcized to be completely free and have a healthier life.

So now, less than a year later, the marriage has come to an end. She announced the sad news through her Facebook page.