Woman Who Has Suffered Terrible Luck In Her Life Wins Over $300,000 On Scratch Card

A woman's life has changed for the better after she won $342,154 in a lottery.

51-year-old Karen Parkin started playing scratch cards after she saw a woman win $57,025 in the same game.

Karen's win was a huge turnaround in her life since the last few years have been pretty tough for her.

She had to leave her job as a delivery driver after she got arthritis in her spine.

In addition to her medical situation, Karen has also been having financial problems.

Before winning the lottery, Karen had just found out that her hosepipe was leaking. She could not afford to get a new one, which would cost her $54.74.

She was also always worried about having to pay for things because cash was a problem. Instead of filling up her car, she had to pay $22.80 for gas instead.

The woman has admitted that she usually gets "all the bad luck. If something bad is going to happen to someone then it's always me."

On October 18, she was standing in a shop queue when she remembered the lucky woman who won scratch cards. She then decided to buy two Cosmic Cash games.

After she got home, she peeled away the card and realized she had bagged the envied top prize, which was worth over $300,000.

Normally, she would have been home that day, but she needed some milk and bread. That was the reason she headed to the local shop, where she bought the scratch cards in addition to the supplies she needed.

She was sitting down having some coffee and enjoying a show on television when she scratched the card and realized she had won.

The experience was surreal, and she does not even remember if she scratched the second card.

After realizing what she had achieved, she called her friend and asked him to drop by and help her check the card. He confirmed that she had won.

She then called the National Lottery line to claim her win.

Once the good news was confirmed, she celebrated using a glass of vino before she hid the card in towels and tucked them in a drawer.

That night, she did not get "a wink of sleep."

As soon as she got her money, her life changed. She got a new VW California campervan.

She is also planning to take her mom on a trip to Cairo and the Maldives.

Therefore, Karen is enjoying her best life.

She also plans on using the money to get a house for herself and her two pet dogs, Elvis and Vogue.

Karen still feels like she is dreaming, but she can see that life will be less stressful from now on because she "feels brilliant."