Woman Who Falsely Accused 15 Men Of Rape Jailed For Ten Years

A 10-year jail term has been handed to a London woman who has falsely accused 15 men of raping her.

Jemma Beale, who is 27 years old, was found guilty of perjury as well as perverting the course of justice after she made false rape allegations against 15 men. The woman hails from west London and will now have to do a 10-year sentence for her false allegations.

One of the men she accused of rape even did some jail time, while another fled after facing the allegations to avoid facing the consequences of the false claims made against him.

Three judges upheld the conviction when Beale appealed to have the judgment overturned. During the appeal, she claimed that she was innocent, but the three-judge bench thought otherwise.

In making the ruling, the judge, Lady Justice Hallett, pointed out that Beale had repeatedly made false accusations, mostly of a sexual nature and that the justice system suffered considerable harm as a result. A lot of resources were used to investigate and prosecute claims that never even happened. She also said that there was no sign of remorse on Beale’s part.

The fact that Beale had been abused as a child was not taken into consideration while issuing the sentence. Lawyers wanted her to get a lighter sentence in the light of this fact.

Beale’s lawyer went on to say that the judgment was wrong as the defendant was put under strong media scrutiny, which might have had an impact on the judgment made in the case.

However, even while admitting that some of the ways in which the case was reported in the media were sensationalist in nature, they insisted that Beale did not suffer a worse judicial outcome as a result.

The media reported that police spend an estimated 6.400 hours following up on her claims and that the taxpayers paid £250,000 in a trial that cost £110,000 more.

Beale was first found guilty in 2017.