Woman Who Coughed On Uber Has Finally Been Charged

woman who coughed on uber has finally been charged

Earlier, a 24-year-old woman coughed on an Uber driver, and the video went viral. She pulled down her mask and coughed on the man's face.

She is currently facing assault and attempted robbery charges.

Before coughing on the man, the woman had berated him. The incident went viral after it was recorded on tape.

She had an altercation with Subhakar Khadka. After she coughed on him, she was arrested on robbery, assault and battery charges, violation of health and safety code, and conspiracy.

Arna Kimiai was taken to the San Francisco County Jail after an arrest warrant was issued for the crimes she committed.

Eventually, she was charged with felony attempted robbery and assault on a transportation driver. She also faced charges of misdemeanor battery and violation of the COVID-19 health order.

The woman went viral throughout the country after the video went public. She coughed on the driver while he was transporting her and her two friends through San Francisco Bayview District.

In the video, the three women are sitting in the backseat of Khadka's car. However, Kimiai can be seen without her mask.

The Uber driver asked her to cover her face, which seemed to offend the anti-masker. In response, she coughed in his direction.

The friends can be heard saying, "F*** the masks," and they also shouted at Khadka. After that, Kimiai tried to take the driver's cellphone before ripping off his face mask.

Kimiai Also Took The Driver's Phone

woman who coughed on uber has finally been charged

However, the prosecutors eventually dropped the robbery and conspiracy charges against Kimiai.

After she was arrested, she posted bail and got released from jail as she awaits her upcoming court date.

It is not clear why the woman was charged with robbery. However, her bail was set at $75,000, and she was released after posting the bail.

woman who coughed on uber has finally been charged

The woman's behavior was described as "callous" by lieutenant Tracy McCray, who heads the San Francisco Police Department's robbery detail.

Before Kimiai handed herself in, Tracy said that her behavior "showed a callous disregard for the safety and wellbeing of an essential service worker in the midst of a deadly pandemic."

According to a police statement, the Uber driver had picked the three female passengers at San Bruno Avenue and Felton Street. However, a couple of minutes later, he stopped the car after realizing that one of the women was not wearing a mask as per the state and local public health orders regarding COVID-19.

woman who coughed on uber has finally been charged

The driver ended the ride and said he could not go on unless all the passengers were wearing masks.

After declaring this position, an altercation began, and it was captured on video. One of the passengers reached over from the rear seat and stole his cellphone.

However, he later took his phone back.

The women then left the vehicle and one of them reached into an open window and sprayed something into the car towards the driver. It is believed that this passenger sprayed pepper spray into the car.

Kimiai Refused To Apologize

After the incident, the women fled the scene. At that San Francisco Police Department Robbery Unit began investigating the matter and identified Ms. Kimiai and Ms. King.

The police department explained that they took the behavior very seriously and insisted that they were committed to ensuring that justice was served.

On Instagram, Kimiai defended her actions and even threatened to sue Khadka for kicking her out of his car.

She did not feel that she had anything to apologize for, and suggested that he deserved worse:

"He lucky as hell I ain't have nothing on me... Cause if he would've played with me, bruh, it would've been a whole different story, 75 percent of people I know would have smacked the s**t out of him."

Clearly, this woman still has a grudge against the law-abiding Uber Driver.