Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch People Checking Out Her Boobs

Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch People Checking Out Her Boobs

A woman wore a hidden camera on her chest and caught at least 30 people staring at her boobs.

Whitney Zelig stepped out into the streets of New York and fastened a hidden camera onto the bottom of her top to see how many people checked out her breasts.

The 29-year-old also pulled this stunt to raise awareness about breast cancer, encouraging women to check-ups to detect the disease early.

In the short video that Whitney shot, with the help of her brother Chris, she was first checked out by a waiter before another man walking with his girlfriend through Central Park was also caught staring.

She continued to get more attention while walking in the subway. Even a person dressed up as the Statue of Liberty took off the sunglasses for a closer look, as well as a man wearing a Batman costume.

Wearing a low-cut top, it's fair to say Whitney got many looks from pretty much everyone. Both women, men, and kids got a glimpse of her boobs.

Commenting on the number of people who checked out her chest, she makes a clear point:

"Ladies don't forget to check out your own breasts too."

Women's breasts are often the subject of attention, and the sexualization of female breasts has had a detrimental effect on how many women view their bodies.

Sometimes it even makes some women embarrassed of themselves or feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

All women need to regain their confidence regarding their boobs as this will make them feel comfortable talking about breast cancer.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation statistics, one in every eight women will develop breast cancer in the US every year. Cancer Research UK also claims that one in every seven adult females will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime.

So, the earlier a woman is checked for breast cancer, the better her chances are to be treated and survive.

One of the simple and effective ways to check for cancer is by examining your breast for lumps. Whenever you detect or notice an out-of-the-ordinary condition, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Although Whitney's cleaver video may seem a lot like a joke, the message to spread awareness about cancer is "very essential." Since posting the clip, it has already gathered over 160,000 views.

Many other people, including celebrities, are also coming up with novelty ways to raise awareness and money for cancer treatments.