Woman Wants Fiancé To Send His 4-Year-Old Away Or Put Her Up For Adoption Because She Gets On Her Nerves

Woman Wants Fiancé To Send His 4-year-old Away Or Put Her Up For Adoption Because She Gets On Her Nerves

Netizens were in shock after a post shared in a Facebook group showed just how cold-hearted and selfish some people can get. Already, the post has gone viral, and people can't believe how bold and shameless the woman in question is.

In the post, a woman is seeking advice on how to deal with a sticky situation in which she would like her fiance to send his 4-year-old daughter packing or give her up for adoption. She wants this to happen because she does not like the little girl.

She is particularly unhappy with the fact that the little kid is constantly seeking her dad's attention. The girl's mother passed away, and since then, she has grown incredibly close to her father.

As his new lover, she can't take this any longer.

The Woman Is Expecting A Baby With The Girl's Father

Woman Wants Fiancé To Send His 4-year-old Away Or Put Her Up For Adoption Because She Gets On Her Nerves

The situation became unbearable for the woman after she learned that she and her fiance were expecting a baby. She wants to make sure that she and her baby will be the man's greatest priority, which is why she would dare suggest something so drastic.

The woman wants her biological kid to get all the love, care, and attention the man can offer. That's why she thinks he should find a way to remove the 4-year-old girl from their lives.

As far as she is concerned, the entire family would be better off because they would be happier without the girl in the picture.

Obviously, she must have felt quite justified in her cause to seek advice online about her "predicament." She wanted online users to offer her tips on how best to part her fiance from his demanding 4-year-old daughter for good.

Instead of getting the help she needed, people shared the post on various platforms, and the story is still shocking today. A lot of people are surprised at how incredibly selfish and controlling the lady is.

People Online Didn't Support Her At All

Woman Wants Fiancé To Send His 4-year-old Away Or Put Her Up For Adoption Because She Gets On Her Nerves

The story was initially shared on Talks With Mee, a private Facebook page. It was soon trending on Reddit under the title: "I want my fiance to get rid of his 4-year-old daughter."

As shocking as the title of the post was, the details were even more dumbfounding.

The woman explored at length why she could not stand the little girl any longer. In the post, she wanted advice from other moms.

She explained that her fiance had been raising the girl on his own after his wife died after the girl's birth. Apparently, they have plans to get married in 2022, and she was also seven months pregnant with a baby girl when she posted the message.

She made it clear she was "not the stepmother type." The woman said she does not treat the girl as she will treat her own kid. If anything, the little girl gets on her nerves.

She does not like that the girl also looks so much like her mom, which means she is a constant reminder of her.

As far as she is concerned, her biological daughter should get all the attention her fiance has to offer, and the only way to accomplish that would be to get rid of the 4-year-old completely:

"She is very attached to her daddy and I'm afraid this is going to take away from my child's bond with her father."

The Woman Is Yet To Tell Her Fiance About Her Self-Serving Plan

Woman Wants Fiancé To Send His 4-year-old Away Or Put Her Up For Adoption Because She Gets On Her Nerves

She had not told her fiance to get rid of the girl just yet, but she was planning to. As far as she is concerned, the girl can live with her grandparents.

She also thought finding a friendly family that was willing to adopt her would be a great option.

Her concern was that her fiance would not respond positively to these suggestions, which hardly ever shocked anyone.

In her post, she assured everyone that she was not a bad person but was just a concerned mom looking out for her kid to make sure that her child had all her father's attention without an "older sister" getting in her way.

Redditors found the story appalling, and one of them confessed that what the woman had said had to be the "worst, sickest things" they had ever read. The commenter was shocked that the woman wanted to get rid of the girl even though she met him when he still had her in his life.

The commenter hoped that the man realized he was involved with a terrible woman and got rid of her.

Another person was failing to understand how someone could harbor such feelings about a significant other's child. The internet user revealed that his girlfriend was pregnant with their baby and had a 2-year-old son he loved as his own. The commenter added that he would never think of doing anything so horrible to him because the boy and the mother were a "package deal."

Even if we consider that the woman might have had a hard time creating a deeper connection with the child, thinking that getting rid of her is a solution is incredibly out of line. To everyone, she seems like she wants to deny the girl a chance to grow up with her parents after already losing one of her biological parents at a young age.

What do you think about this woman's story? What do you think the fiance should do under the circumstances?