Woman Used Five 20-Foot Shipping Containers To Build Extraordinary Off-The-Grid Home

Woman Used Five 20-Foot Shipping Containers To Build Extraordinary Off-The-Grid Home

Fans of tiny homes will be quite impressed by what a woman has achieved with just a couple of shipping containers. The woman lives off the grid, enjoying nature in all its glory.

The unique home consists of five 20-feet shipping containers, and it is found in New Zealand. To be fair, the house is quite stunning.

A Home Made Of Shipping Containers

The woman who owns the off-grid home, Rosie, lives on 23-acres of land in Coromandel, New Zealand. The land is privately owned.

Instead of creating a typical cabin in the woods, she chose to have a sustainable off-the-grid home consisting of five 20-foot shipping containers.

Rosie named the house Ahurewa, which translates to "sacred place."

The home is more than a sacred place. It is also surrounded by beautiful natural scenery all around. There are no homes around.

She chose the location because it would give her a perfect view of the sunrise and the sunset. Clearly, she gets to enjoy nature in all its glory.

Sustainable Living

Woman Used Five 20-Foot Shipping Containers To Build Extraordinary Off-The-Grid Home

Rosie made the home to live as sustainably as she possibly could. She is respectful of nature and enjoys the rare privilege of being surrounded by it on all sides.

To ensure that the home offers sustainable living, it uses 12 solar panels that provide the 4kW of electricity it needs. She has backup batteries and a power inverter to make it through less sunny days.

The home also features a vermicomposting toilet and two 2,500-liter water tanks that direct water waste to the composting toilets, where it gets reused.

Rosie plants are edible and medicinal plants. She also has a natural garden where she grows native plants.

The home is heated using a beautiful little fireplace that heats the home while acting as the backup stove whenever the main stove is out of power.

The Home Is Gorgeous

The beautiful off-grid home is lovely, with floor-to-ceiling windows in almost all rooms in the house. The massive windows ensure the house has enough light and opportunities for stunning views of the picturesque surroundings.

Additionally, the home has a huge kitchen, a great library, a simple and beautiful bathroom, and a large bedroom that can fit a king-size bed. However, the thing that stands out the most about the bedroom are the beautiful views the windows offer.

At the front of the house is a beautiful patio space, which must be a great place to sit in the morning as you watch the sun rise.

Of course, the home also features a beautiful backyard and a garden space, making it a perfect place to relax. The house also features a heater, which means you can still enjoy being outdoors in chilly weather.

So, if you are a huge fan of off-grid living, you should certainly check out this home and everything it has to offer in detail by watching the Living Big In A Tiny House YouTube video above. You won't be disappointed.