Woman Tells Every Date That It Is Her Birthday To See If They Will Do Something Special

A TikTok user, @roxyyroxie, has recently gained millions of views for sharing her dating tip of telling every guy she goes on a date with that it's her birthday, in order to see if they will do something special for her.

1. She Starts Planting The Seed Early

According to the woman's explanation, she doesn't simply announce that it's her birthday on the actual date of the date. Instead, she puts the plan into motion a week before.

"When I start talking to a guy – like, the first date – I tell him my birthday's in a week and then I change the subject, so I know they're going to ask me out again to hang," she shared. "When they do, I say, 'Oh, it's my birthday week, remember? But honestly, I had such a good time with you and you're so special.'"

2. Men Tend To Go All Out For Their Date

According to her, by leading these men to believe that they will be spending her birthday with her, they tend to make more effort and treat her like a queen.

"I make them feel so special, like we had an amazing time and that I'm down to hang out, so when they hang out with me they think they gotta do something big," she explained. "They'll take me to five-star restaurants, we'll go out eating all night, go to the clubs, he will buy me nice stuff because it's my birthday. I would have, like, a hundred birthdays each f–king year. It's cool, it's amazing, I like it."

3. Plenty Of Women Think It's A Great Idea

Her innovative approach was praised by other single women.

"This is the best thing I've heard in a long time," one person wrote.

"Thank you babe for sure using for future reference," a second thought while a third added: "Okay I saw it now, delete it before the guys see."

4. Others Pointed Out How Easily The Plan Will Backfire

Eventually, if she were to enter into a long-term relationship with someone, the truth about her actual birthday would come out.

"But what if y'all end up together and now you gotta spend the rest of your life pretending your bday is in July," one internet user pointed out.

"What if things actually get serious and then you have to lie about your birthday for the rest of your life," someone else asked.

The woman didn't mention how she intended to handle this situation or if she had considered it at all.