Woman Tattoos Ex-Partner's Face On Her Cheek After He Cheated

When you're in a relationship, getting a tattoo is a way to always remember your partner. But once the relationship ends, things change.

A woman surprised social media users by revealing that she had a tattoo of her ex-partner's face on her face, even though he had supposedly cheated on her.


In a surprising twist, TikTok user Narally Najm (@narallynajm13) recently revealed some personal details about her love life after discovering that her former partner, Laura, had supposedly been unfaithful to her.

In a video shared on the platform, Najm expressed that her main aspiration in life was to find happiness with her small family.


However, everything changed when she came across supposed evidence, or "receipts," indicating that Laura had been unfaithful to her, even during the time she was giving birth to their son, King. This revelation shattered her original intentions and plans.


In another video, she posted an adorable picture of the family laughing while wearing matching pajamas in front of a bathroom mirror.

Although the video captured joyful moments, the caption revealed a contrasting narrative:

"Thinking we were the perfect family. Just gave her a son a week ago, we bought a home and everything seemed so real... Just to find out she's been cheating... Even while I was in labor [broken heart emoji]."


Dealing with infidelity is never easy, and how one reacts to it can be challenging to control. However, Narally's response was undeniably unconventional.

Many individuals tend to opt for a more resentful approach, but this single mother chose to take a different path.


Instead, she decided to get her ex-partner's name and picture tattooed on her face.

The TikToker then proudly smiled at the camera, showcasing the permanent artwork on her cheek to her fans.

Accompanying the video was the caption: "When everyone jealous of me because I have DADDY'S face tatted on me even though DADDY cheats."

Naturally, a large number of her followers were astonished by her decision. As comments poured in, many people expressed their curiosity and questioned Narally's motivations behind such a choice.


"We are watching someone's biggest future regret..." one commenter wrote.

"Whatever kind of love this is…I don't EVER want to experience it," another stated.

Other TikTok users also raised questions about the tattoo artist. One user commented: "How can any tattoo artist allow this to happen."

"If I were the artist. I wouldn't allow it," another wrote.

Despite facing criticism, Narally seems to be satisfied with her decision. She has posted 15 additional videos proudly displaying her new tattoo, along with three more videos dedicated solely to Laura.


Not only did she get Laura's name tattooed, but she also had another image of her ex-partner permanently inked on her neck and right arm.

Given the prevalence of social media hoaxes, it's possible that all of this could be a ploy to gain more followers (at least, I hope so).

Regardless, let's hope she doesn't end up regretting any of these tattoos, as laser removal can be quite expensive.