Woman Takes A Shit In Broad Daylight Then Lets Her Boyfriend Smell Her Hand

woman takes a shit in broad daylight then lets her boyfriend smell her hand

When most people go out on dates, they don't go to a car park, do a number 2 in front of everyone, and then let their partners smell their hands.

Most people are on their best behavior during dates. They also play it safe by trying to do something fun and romantic like catching a movie or having dinner together, but a certain woman did the unthinkable by pooping in public and making the boyfriend smell her hand.

That is why observers were truly shocked by what this woman did in Chelmsford.

A witness who saw the whole thing explained what happened, and it was truly shocking. Apparently, the woman simply walked to a tree; pulled up clothes, and started pooping.

This witness took a picture because she thought no one could believe her without such evidence. She even admitted to feeling sick after witnessing the disgusting sight.

The dumbfounded bystander was shocked that anyone would do this at a public park, considering that people get fined when their dogs do it.

What's more shocking is that the woman did it in broad daylight.

woman takes a shit in broad daylight then lets her boyfriend smell her hand

After this disgusting act, she let her dress drop back down. Then she walked over to her boyfriend, who smelt her hand.

Apparently, anyone stuck in traffic at a nearby roundabout could see her butt cheeks.

The witness, a 45-year-old woman, was quite shocked by the incident:

"It's disgusting and unbelievable, I'd have had to have said something to her if I had my daughters there."

Fortunately for the woman, her daughters were not there. Otherwise, the woman would have had to deal with the offended witness directly.

Then again, how much worse could it have been for the woman considering the world now knows her story.

This also makes us wonder what kind of date this was. In what form of dating is public defecation considered acceptable?

A lot of people can't wrap their heads around this level of craziness, and it's obvious why. With any luck, authorities will catch up with the woman and hold her accountable for her actions, even though her date seems perfectly comfortable with her behavior.