Woman Suggests That A Female Joker Would Be A Convincing Character, And Men Lose Their Minds


Every time someone mentions a female reboot of something, men always find the reason to lose their temper. Remember when they remade 'Ghostbusters' with the female cast, and men claimed that it ruined their childhood good times?

Men are clearly triggered by an opinion or an idea suggesting a woman can do better than a man. Or if she takes a role or a place that a man once occupied.

Men claiming women characters in their favorite iconic films would ruin their childhoods is absurd. It's impossible. How can we ruin something that's already over?


And if you suggest that men and women are equally valuable, even if you're only joking, it'll make many men very uncomfortable.

Let's look at a good example. When writer Geraldine DeRuite took to Twitter, suggesting that The Joker from Batman should have been a woman, joking about the classic misogyny, men missed the humor in it. Instead, they lost their sh*t with discrediting comments.


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