Woman Sues Her Boyfriend For Not Proposing To Her After Eight Years Of Dating

All is fair in love and war, or at least that's what they taught us. But, Gertrude Ngoma took things a bit further and sued her long-term boyfriend for not proposing.

The couple has a child together, and he did promise her one day... So, the 26-year-old woman from Zambia went to court to have a word with her baby daddy, Herbert Salaliki, 28.

There's another woman involved

As stated by Kenyan news site Tuko, Ngoma sued her partner not only for taking away years of her life without proposing to her, as she said he had promised he would but also for texting with another woman.

woman sues her boyfriend for not proposing to her after eight years of dating
woman sues her boyfriend for not proposing to her after eight years of dating

She was living with her parents and her child, while Salaliki was living like a bachelor. Ngoma stated in court:

"He has never been serious. That is why I [brought] him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future."

Salaliki struck back, telling the court that he wasn't financially secure enough to get married. To add salt to the wound, he accused Ngoma of not giving him sufficient attention in their relationship. To be fair, he could've asked her to move in with their child.

Going to the court solved nothing

The judge, Evelyn Nalwize, told Ngoma that the court could not do anything for her because there was no formal marriage. Oh, what an irony!

She told them to sort things out of the courtroom, and we have to find out what will happen to the star crossed lovers.

The Tuko article compares the woman's story to another recent marriage Internet drama. A woman talked on-camera about how she had given up on younger guys because they take forever to propose. She added that it's more desirable to marry an older man who will take good care of his bride.

The woman told her story in Swahili:

"I'm tired of these games. A man courts you for one, two, five, others to eight years, and when you ask them when you guys are getting married, he never lacks a reason."

"They claim they have not settled yet, all those years. When will you ever be ready?"

There you go, ladies. If you want a proposal, go for the older ones. If you want a headache and no ring, stay with your fit and young dudes. Or skip all of that and just live life to the fullest.