Woman 'Stressed Out' By Color Designs Her Home In All-Black

Woman 'Stressed Out' By Color Designs Her Home In All-Black

Have you ever visited a neighborhood where all the houses seem pretty ordinary, but there's that one house that really catches your eye? There's something about it that makes you stop, take a closer look, and start wondering about the story behind it. It could be because it's got an excessive number of garden gnomes, or perhaps it's covered in incredibly unique and colorful flowers. But the real head-turner is the house's strikingly different paint job that sets it apart from the rest.

Meet Vee Miller, an artist whose unique style shines through her choice of home decor. She and her husband, Derek, bought an old 1850s house in Baltimore, USA. One of the very first decisions they made was to give their home a complete makeover, and the first step was to paint it entirely in jet-black. The inspiration behind this bold move mostly stems from Vee herself. She'll tell you that her love for the color black is so deep that she couldn't imagine life without it.

There's More To The Home Color Choice Than Just A Preference

But there's more to Vee's choice than just appearances. She'll tell you that colors can really get under her skin. Vee sees each color as a distinct emotion and mood, which is why she's almost always seen wearing black. She's drawn to black's deep, moody vibes, finding it both elegant and, as some might say, even a bit alluring. But, of course, not everyone is on the same page with her. As she shows off her home's sleek interior, she points out that about 80% of the visible surfaces are swathed in black, including the upper level, which holds a bathroom and two bedrooms.

She also mentions that both of the home's bathrooms, the bedroom, and the kitchen are entirely black. This means everything from the bedding to the walls is decked out in solid black. Vee's captivating Instagram posts have amassed her a loyal following of more than 16,000 fans. On TikTok, she boasts an impressive following of over 100,000 supporters.

In addition to sharing glimpses of her home's interiors in her videos, Vee also uploads footage from the CCTV camera mounted outside her front door. This captures the reactions of people passing by. Many are taken aback by the striking appearance of her house and express their admiration. However, not all the public comments are glowing. One person even went so far as to liken it to 'the devil's house.' For Vee, it's a puzzle why black is often associated with negative connotations by default. She says: "When I do get comments like 'this is too much black', I just try to ignore it and move on because you can't please everybody".

Vee's Future Has A Lot Of Things To Look Forward To

Luckily, Vee's neighbors have been incredibly supportive of the gothic addition to their neighborhood. Vee had some initial worries about what the other homeowners might think. She was concerned that her unique color scheme might negatively impact the property values in the area. However, those concerns turned out to be unfounded. In reality, everyone in the neighborhood has taken a liking to her home. In fact, they even set up a Facebook community page where her house became the talk of the town.

Yet, in February 2023, the couple made the decision to bid farewell to their gothic abode in Baltimore, where they had resided for six years. As they departed, Vee expressed her gratitude to the city for "some amazing memories." Their new home, affectionately called 'Pop,' features a more conventional color palette, although Vee has been gradually incorporating black into the interior. Nonetheless, she's still on the fence about whether to give the exterior a jet-black makeover as well. On top of these changes, the family is anticipating a new member soon to join them in their new home! Let's hope the little one appreciates the striking aesthetics.