Woman Starts Female-Only Club To Prevent Men From Ruining Girls' Night Out, Turns It Into Huge Success

Meet Teddy, the visionary proprietor of a flourishing female-exclusive club located in London. Tired of men spoiling girls' night out, her exasperation fueled a brilliant idea: to establish a sanctuary where men were not allowed beyond its walls. Little did she know that her concept would blossom into the most prominent club in the entire country, attracting a staggering 2000 women every night.


This woman has opened a female-only club to stop men from destroying girls' night out


In a recent TikTok revelation, Teddy Edwardes shared a story from six years ago when a man ruined her night out, marking the final straw in a series of such incidents.

After enduring that unpleasant experience, she made a firm decision to open her very own club, a space where men would not be granted entry.

"6 years ago a man ruined my night out for the very last time," Teddy wrote in the clip.


"And I created a women only night club. It's now the biggest in the country with 2000 women a night."

In an extraordinary move, she launched her unique club in London, giving it the name 'LICK.' In a candid video, she revealed her motivation behind this venture, expressing her frustration with the constant harassment she faced from intoxicated men in other clubs.


"I started LICK because I just had enough of going to straight clubs and every single time having some sort of issue with men," she told BuzzFeed.

"The final straw that broke the camel's back was: I walked into my friend's album label launch in Shoreditch and within seconds, a man grabbed my ponytail and pulled me backwards across the club all the way to the bar because he 'wanted to buy me a drink'."


The club has gained widespread fame for all the right reasons. Women who have visited LICK attest to its life-changing impact, whether it's the sense of safety they experience, the representation they find, the discovery of partners, or the opportunity to forge new friendships.


Me & @LICK 🤝 Annoying men for 6 years straight 🥳 #lickevents

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Teddy dedicated countless hours of hard work and determination to transform the club into the resounding success it stands as today.

"For the first three years, I barely made a penny. I did it out of pure passion. My partner at the time told me I'd never make any money from it and I should get a normal job in a café," she added.

Teddy has garnered immense appreciation, especially from women, for creating a one-of-a-kind club that prioritizes their safety while providing a space to have fun without any compromises.


One person wrote below her TikTok video: "I can just imagine the bathroom chats... LOVE."

While another said: "As a mother of three girls one who will be 18 in a couple of years I back this 100%."

And a third added: "Honestly your clubs look amazing. My night out got ruined a few weeks ago by two men so maybe one day I'll come to your club haha."