Woman Spends $12,500 At The Vet Only To Be Told Her Cat Is Just Weird

A woman spent a large amount of money on her cat, Moose, because she was worried his unusual behavior was a sign of something serious. However, it turns out Moose is just weird.


Abigail Laker, a 23-year-old music student from Salford, fell in love with the peculiar cat Moose and decided to give her a forever home.

However, Moose's veterinarian noticed something strange about her breathing.

"At first I didn't realize there was a problem. I took her to the vet to get spayed and the vet noticed that she would breathe fast so they asked me if she usually did that as it could be something serious," Laker said.


"They told me they would do some investigating as they didn't want to put her under if there was a problem. I just thought it was normal as I have had cats before but Moose is my first cat since moving out."


"I've also always had dogs, and dogs pant, so I didn't think it was a weird thing until the vet asked me to keep track of it and that's when I noticed how much she did it," the animal lover added.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, cats typically take between 15 to 30 breaths per minute. However, Moose's breathing was much faster.

"Sometimes she would be breathing at 80 [breaths] a minute," said Laker."I was having to rush her to the vet when it would be over 100 a minute."


After spending AUD$12,500 (£7,000) on tests over a period of several months, it was determined that Moose is just peculiar. Laker said she can relate.

"A specialist vet ended up diagnosing Moose, he basically told me that Moose is just a bit weird."


"Which was a relief, but it did cost $12,500 for them to find that out."

It turns out that Moose, the peculiar cat, was perfectly healthy all along. Laker added: "The vet said they have done every test they can and Moose's breathing has nothing to do with her heart or lungs and it's probably just behavioral."

"It was a strange response and he said that she has decided she wants to be a cat who pants."


'It's definitely typical of her to be that dramatic... she has a crazy personality anyway, and I think that's a part of it."

Oh, Moose. You're a silly cat.

Laker, Moose's owner and a university student, said: