Woman Sparks Debate After Claiming She Was Asked To Tip Airport Worker For Checking Her Bag

A TikTok user has ignited a discussion about tipping customs in the United States after asserting that an airport worker who checked her luggage requested a tip.

Tipping is more prevalent in the US compared to other regions like the United Kingdom, where tipping certain service industry workers, like waiters and waitresses, is more common but tipping the Domino's delivery driver is not expected.


The TikToker shared her view on the tipping culture, which she thinks has gotten out of control.


In her TikTok video, Addysen Drake (@addysen98) explained that while she works in the service industry and understands the importance of tips for many people, she believes the tipping culture has gone too far following a recent request for a tip at the airport.

"Tell me why when I get to the airport, after paying $400 for a flight, and I'm going to pay for my $35 checked bag, the guy says to me: 'OK, you have to pay in credit card, but you can tip in cash'," she said.


In the TikTok video, the user then shows a reaction shot of herself, expressing surprise at the request after already paying a large amount of money.


She explains that when she pulled out her credit card, the man presented her with an iPad screen and asked, "What would you like to leave for a tip?"

This left Addysen surprised and confused, as she repeated the word "what?" in disbelief in the TikTok video.

"And keep in mind, he was a total f*****g douchebag to me," she added.

"He was so rude to me. What am I tipping that man for? What do we pay all this money for?"


The TikTok video has been viewed over 255,000 times and has received over 25,000 likes on the platform.

There has been a mix of reactions in the comments section of the video, with people expressing a range of opinions on the matter.

"My mom has always tipped the outside baggage check people," a user commented.

"Unless it's a sit down restaurant where someone actually served me throughout my meal, or I'm getting food delivered, I am not tipping for anything else anymore," another disagreed.


"Gotta put our foot down."

"Airline employee here! If this was an agent at the TKT counter, big no-no. Curbside are contracted (diff IDbadge) are allowed but shouldn't be asking," an airline employee added to the discussion.

Addysen responded: "I didn't know that before I made the video and it became popular lol but I've read them all so I understand now."