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Woman Slams Judge Who Ordered Her To Give Nude Photos To Her Ex-husband


Lindsay Marsh finalized her divorce from her husband Chris in July 2021. However, she was not happy with how the judge handled the case.

When she filed for divorce in 2021, Marsh had no idea how bizarre the end of their marriage would get.

The judge, Michael Edwards, ruled that a boudoir photo album she had given to her husband during their marriage was rightfully his.

Marsh was not happy with the judge's decision and said it was "unimaginable" that he would make such a decision.

The husband had said he wanted the photo book back after she filed for divorce. That included the naked images of his ex-wife.

Eventually, he changed his request and said he only wanted the "loving and intimate messages" she had written inside the album.

Initially, he wanted the entire book, but the woman believes he was advised by his attorney or someone else to only ask for "the inscription."

According to the judge, Mr. Marsh was justified in asking for a copy of the album. However, the images had to be censored by a third party before he could get them.

In the end, only the captions and written notes would be left in the photo collection.

The man told the media that he cherished the loving memories they had during their time together and the exchanges they had as husband and wife.

He insisted on keeping the messages to remember the good times they shared although they were divorced.

Mr. Marsh said that his wish was to hold on to the handwritten love letters the photo album contained. The judge felt that the album was something Mr. Marsh valued as a keepsake from their marriage.

However, the woman claimed that his demand was an invasion of her privacy since a third party would have to be involved. She claimed that the album was meant for "a husband and wife" and claimed that both of them were no longer bound by that contract.

The woman said that the judge's decision was misogynistic. She felt that it was "disturbing" that a judge could make such a ruling and decide people's futures and lives without considering all the evidence.

She felt that her former husband had made her feel like "an object" rather than a person. The woman also accused him of acting out of control and being manipulative.

The ex-husband was given 90 days to decide if he was okay with the edits made to the boudoir album.

Once the 90 days are over, the woman would like to get rid of the nude images.

The woman claimed that she plans on having a party with her old and new friends during which they would burn the photos.

She had an issue with three men: the ex-husband, his lawyer, and the judge. The woman feels that the fact that they got to decide what happens and who can see her body was "very shocking."

"I don't want anybody to be in this situation ever. Nobody should ever have to feel like they belong to somebody else."