Woman Slammed For Making A TikTok About The 'Struggles' Of Being A White Christian In The United States

Woman Slammed For Making A Tiktok About The ‘struggles’ Of Being A White Christian In The United States

Imagine living in an age where privilege is so misunderstood, that white people get slammed for saying that they struggle. That's what happened to a woman on Twitter after making a TikTok video expressing her struggles of being a white Christian in the United States.

woman slammed for making a tiktok about the 'struggles' of being a white christian in the united states

First, though, let's talk about what white privilege is...

Unlike what some people think, white privilege doesn't mean that white people don't suffer from poverty or police brutality. It doesn't mean that white people get all they want effortlessly. All it means is that their skin color is never the reason for their hardship.

One story at Teaching Tolerance says, "white privilege is not the assumption that everything a white person has accomplished is unearned; most white people who have reached a high level of success worked extremely hard to get there. Instead, white privilege should be viewed as a built-in advantage, separate from one's level of income or effort."


Particularly in the United States, white people are said to be privileged because they can simply walk down the street with no fear of being arrested or killed.

Meaning that people with white skin enjoy some advantages in society that other people don't. It's just an assumption, but is it true though?

Since the death of George Floyd in May, protests of Black Lives Matter have been in a rage about discriminating against black people and treating white people differently (in a good way).

White privilege has been around for way too long, and now it is a hot topic..

As if America needs more sparks considering this topic. A woman has recently caused outrage online after her TikTok video about the struggles of being a white Christian, which has been described as "disgusting".

Bry Meade, the 19-year-old, had done something completely unexpected. She decided to try to attract some sympathy on social media for being a white Christian that lives in America. Could it be that terrible, people?


The young woman posted a video on TikTok a few weeks ago, showing her joy at the beginning about her ability to vote, and not surprisingly, for Trump.

After that, Bry displayed a couple of stereotypical accusations that are associated with voting for Trump, like being racist, uneducated, and privileged.

For example, she displayed the words "No I wouldn't date anyone who isn't straight," in the video, followed by the word "Homophobe". After that, in the video, she says "it's just a preference."

Bry then gets into religion and says happily "I'm a Christian" displaying some possible societal reactions like "Wow have you never taken a science class?" and "Boomer.."

Then she really landed in hot water by talking about the "my-body-my-choice" issue.

Bry announced that, as a Christian, she doesn't support abortion, again displaying some common reactions such as "It's literally a meaningless clump of cells," and "Can't you just believe the facts?"


Then she gets even more controversial by saying "I have friends who are gay, I just don't support it" with a hurt and confused facial expression when people say "intolerant" and "prejudiced" which was a slap in the face to the whole LGBTQ+ community.

Bry Meade ends the video with a message about how people wouldn't like to talk about their morals and views because of the easily-offended society, and writes "Can we please normalize different beliefs?"

And as you and I were predicting, people were outraged, to say the least!

People are dying and you're not satisfied with being white Christian, why can't you just be silent, Bry?

People pointed out that the idea that she has friends who she doesn't support is ridiculous.


Christians also had their opinion..

And President Trump was the hot topic..

But what if roles were reversed?

Bry hasn't yet responded to the uproar caused by her video. But we don't expect a response from her any time soon.

It is also notable that her TikTok video went viral with 1.3 million views, 279.7 thousand likes, and 17 thousand comments.