Woman Shoots Boyfriend In Face After He Tried To Teach Her How To Use Gun

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One woman in Ohio accidentally shot her boyfriend in the face after he tried to teach her how to use a gun. WVLT reported that a fight had erupted between the 36-year-old Anna Sigarroa and her 30-year-old boyfriend Christopher Antron Scott Jr. when the gun went off.

Scott was allegedly trying to teach her how to use the weapon when the incident happened. In a statement to the police, Anna explained that she had recently bought the gun but did not want Scott anywhere around it.


She said that he had a prior felony conviction and was banned from having guns. A fight ensued when he refused to steer clear.

While she allegedly struggled to get the gun away from him, he refused to let it go. They struggled when the gun went off, shooting Scott in the mouth.

Fortunately, Scott could drive himself to a Toledo hospital for treatment because even though the injuries were serious, they were not life-threatening.


It is possible that he told what had happened to the hospital staff because his girlfriend was arrested soon after.

Anna Sigarroa has been charged with felonious assault and was booked into the Lucas County Jail the day after the incident. Although she was released from the facility the following Monday, she is due back in court soon over the incident on March 4.

This is another not-so-rare case of the accidental shooting recorded in the United States this year. The Gun Violence Archive discovered that there had been 247 cases of unintentional firearm discharge so far this year.