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Woman Shares On Reddit X-Rated Marks Left On The Hotel Room's Window That Her Parents Stayed At

woman shares on reddit x-rated marks left on the hotel room’s window that her parents stayed at

A daughter left horrified after seeing unusual marks on the window of a hotel room her mom and dad shared, implying someone had a rather wild time.

The woman shared the photo to Reddit, and it shows an outline of what appears to be some boobs and hand marks on the glass.

Posting on the 'Trashy' subreddit, she wrote:

"This was on the window of my parents' hotel room."

"Guess they don't clean the windows often."

These marks revealed a couple had been having some fun time against the window.

While it's unclear whether it was her parents or the guests before who left the marks, netizens were quick to comment.

One person suggested:

"Maybe it was your parents."

To which the original poster replied:

"I hope not!"

Yup, we bet you do.

Other Redditers Flocked to Share Their Thoughts

One wrote:

"It looks like the windows fogged up pretty bad. What were they doing for that to happen?" Yep, it's a real head-scratcher..."

Someone else joked:

"What? Someone probably just heard the ice cream truck and ran to the window in excitement."

This user's argument seems pretty reasonable and believable if you ask me.

While another added:

"Op [original poster] is trying to convince themselves that that isn't their mom's boob print."

But let's be honest, what's the likelihood her parents steamed up and messed up the window before then sending the picture to their daughter?

And what was their intention? I guess we would never know.

But we think this might be some kind of a trick her parents played to fool her. Because, why else would they share the image with her then?

And it seems like these parents aren't the only ones who like to play tricks.

A cheeky aunt recently wrapped her niece's Christmas gift in a rather 'naughty' way.

Sharing the photo on Facebook, the aunt wrote:

"Guess what my Secret Santa gift is?"

woman shares on reddit x-rated marks left on the hotel room's window that her parents stayed at

And there were plenty of guesses, with one person suggesting:

"[It's a] zucchini and two baby potatoes. What else could it be?"

While another wrote:

"Big Bird's foot?"

Finally, the woman then put everyone out of suspense, revealing what was inside.

She explained:

"So I'm going to let you all know it's for my 21-year-old niece."

"She is going to be horrified when she sees this. So is my entire family, some will be laughing, and some will be in shock."

"But she will be very happy once she opens it... It's her favorite alcoholic drink (vanilla Galliano) with two shot glasses."

Bet she's the cheekiest aunt ever.