Woman Shares Look Inside UK's First Amazon Supermarket

woman shares look inside uk’s first amazon supermarket

Amazon has opened a till-less grocery store in London - the first "just walk out" shop outside the US.

One woman shared her impressions on TikTok, and it already has over 64K likes and counting.

As the TikToker Jenna Chan said, it was a "great experience", and the staff were "friendly and helpful."

First, you sanitize your hands. If you're worried about finding your way in a smart supermarket, the TikToker says:


"Don't worry about not knowing what to do. There are signs everywhere and they give you a little rundown before you come in."

Jenna continues her Amazon review:

"There is a flower station, a bakery section, a self-serve coffee machine you can grab on the way out, so you don't have to carry it around while you're shopping.

She added:

"My favorite part was, of course, a little liqueur section that was hidden away in the back corner."


"There's someone stationed there at all times so they can check everyone's IDs."

The future of everyday shopping

The smart supermarket's goal is to limit contact and speed up the shopping process.

Without waiting in lines and chit-chatting, shopping will be less time-consuming, not just safer.

woman shares look inside uk's first amazon supermarket
woman shares look inside uk's first amazon supermarket

Jenna joked that this supermarket takes "the thrill out of shoplifting."

She finally says:

"Not a huge variety but it has everything you need. You just grab whatever you need and leave."

Tiktokers were curious, asking:

"I'm so confused to how the door knows what's in ur bag."

Some were playful:

"I need one here just because."

Amazon explained how it works:


"Just Walk Out Technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual basket.".

"When you're done shopping, you can just leave the store."

"Later, we'll email you a receipt and charge your Amazon account. No queues, no checkout."

Here's the video from the London's first smart supermarket:


No contact, no credit cards, just a lot of cameras in every corner!