Woman Shares Horrifically Sexist Experience After Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

Woman Shares Horrifically Sexist Experience After Undergoing Breast Reduction Surgery

A 24-year-old woman living in Paris shared her experience on TikTok, explaining what happened when she was 19 and wanted to have a breast reduction surgery in Lebanon.

The woman called Cam goes by the username delenda_est, shared her story, and it's not as if we are not aware of horrifying, sexist everyday occurrences. Yet, it doesn't make any of them hurt less.

Here is Cam's story.

Going From K To C Or D Cup Was Not Meant To Be

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Cam wanted to go from K to C or D cup and went in for surgery, and seemingly it went well until she realized that the doctor did not reduce her breasts as much as she wanted.

Instead, she got an F cup, and no, it was not because of difficulties. The doctor told a young woman:


"He told me that he did not reduce it as much as me, the person who went for the surgery, asked him to, so that [my breasts] could 'fit in the hands of an honest man,'' she said. 'He literally told me that – the hands of an honest man."

Wait, what?

A doctor made a decision while the patient was under the anesthesia to keep her boobs despite not getting her consent? Yes, that is what happened.

Sadly, Cam's Case Is Not Isolated


The commentators on TicTok were furious. One wrote:

"This makes me furious! Isn't this illegal?"


Another stated:

"This is so upsetting, what's even worse is that I knew what you were gonna say because I've heard of it happening to other girls as well."

Among many comments, a number of women shared similar experiences.

Though Cam cannot sue the doctor anymore, she urged other women to contact their lawyers. This is not something that should go unpunished.

Cam's video has over 200k views and over thousands of comments.