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Woman Says She Keeps Husband Happy By Letting Him Sleep With Her Mom And Sister

Woman Says She Keeps Husband Happy By Letting Him Sleep With Her Mom And Sister

A TikToker has disgusted a lot of people with her shocking confession. She shared a video of her husband swinging.

While some people might tolerate that, most people were shocked to realize that the woman he was swinging with was actually his wife's mother.

According to his wife Millie, the husband prefers a polyamorous life.

She revealed in the video that the man likes to "play" with Millie and her mother. According to Millie, this helps keep him happy.

It's Very Unnatural


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In the video, a man, who could only be Millie's husband, comes from behind an older woman and wraps his hands around her waist. Millie then goes on to explain that she is "that kind of wife."

She goes on to explain that she lets him have her mom a number of times every week. As if that is not horrifying enough, she reveals that her sister is not off the table either.

What is even more surprising is that everyone is okay with this.

People Found The Situation A Bit Confusing

In the comment section, a lot of people expressed their confusion over the video. One of the viewers asked:

"What in the Sweet Home Alabama is this?!"

Another tried to explain the guy was married to the mom and that Millie was a swinger.

Clearly, that is just wishful thinking because Millie clearly says that the man is her husband and "lets him play" with the mom.

It's all quite bizarre.

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