Woman Returns From Vacation To Find Her Dead Dog Wrapped In Tape By Kennel

Woman Returns From Vacation To Find Her Dead Dog Wrapped In Tape By Kennel

In December of 2018, Kirsten went on holiday with her family to Iceland. She could not take her dog with her, so she decided to leave it in the caring hands of a local kennel in Dublin.

Although the beloved pet was alive and well when she left, she returned to the news that her dog was dead. Unfortunately, the situation was made worse because the dog had been squeezed into a black bag and wrapped in masking tape by the kennel workers.


She had only left the dog there for 3 days.

The dog had some unique health concerns, which she had explained to the workers. However, she believes they did not follow her instructions regarding these issues.

For three months before the horrific incident, Nova, the dog, had had Colitis. It was being treated successfully using steroids. In fact, so successful was the treatment that she and her vet had discussed taking the dog off the medication.


But she still did not take any chances when she took him to the kennel, for she gave the staff clear written and verbal instructions on how Nova would be given the medication and the food.

Through its advertisements, the kennel promises to take good care of pets. That includes handling their medications and providing additional special care they might need.

However, that is not what happened with this dog.


When she showed up on December 31st to pick up her lovely pet, the kennel kept Kirsten waiting outside for a while. Afterward, she was allowed in and informed that her dog died.

They explained that the Nova was found covered in blood in her kennel the previous night.

The staff insisted that the dog had received the medication. However, the way the dog had been treated after it died left her concerned about the quality of care it had received when it was still alive.


The dog had been crushed and stuffed into a black bag, then covered in masking tape.

This was obviously a shocking sight for the woman, and all her family found it quite disturbing. They had to drive to the vet to get a confirmation that the eerie package handed over to them by the kennel was actually the remains of their dog.

A microchip on the dog helped confirm the worst. The kennel was not forthcoming with any information about the incident that led to the dog's end.


An email to the kennel went unanswered.

Additionally, the kennel has faced accusations of mistreating dogs in the past.

Their only reaction so far has been the removal of all reviews from their page. There is a petition to have the kennel, P&E Boarding Kennels, shut down.

The petition argues that at least four dogs have died and gotten cremated without consent or explanation at this kennel. That is in addition to several reports of animal abuse and neglect.


After this story got out, the kennel owner, Mr. Cullen, claims that he and his family have received multiple death threats.