Woman Rents Out Her Husband For $46 To Other Women To Do Odd Jobs

Woman Rents Out Her Husband For $46 To Other Women To Do Odd Jobs

A mom has revealed that her new business has really taken off. She decided to start renting out her husband James to other women for about $46.

The mother of three, Laura Young, had the strange idea after she heard in a podcast about a man earning a living from constructing flatpack furniture for other folks.

She posted an ad about her husband's DIY skills, but only as a joke. Laura claimed James could paint, decorate, tile, and lay carpets.

However, things got serious and James has been fully booked since then. In fact, James was in such high demand that he had to work six days a week from 9 am to 8 pm.

Woman Rents Out Her Husband For  To Other Women To Do Odd Jobs

From there, James decided to reduce his work hours and stick to a regular 9-to-5 schedule.

Laura did not think that things would turn out as they did. It has only been four months and her husband already has so much work that he has to work six days a week.

The couple also had to shelve their building plans because James has been so caught up.

Those who would like to get James' services now have to wait for a couple of weeks.

James and his wife work together as a team. Laura handles the social media and the website, and she also books appointments.

James takes care of the labor.

Since the Christmas season is approaching, they have also started to offer a special service. Their company is now installing Christmas lights.

Woman Rents Out Her Husband For  To Other Women To Do Odd Jobs

When James started his new line of work, he had to give up his warehouse job. He now works for "Rent My Husband" on a full-time basis.

With his new job, he can take care of his three kids, two of which have autism. James was also found to be autistic four years back.

However, he always had a knack for construction and building. According to Laura, he does not bother with instructions, but he is still quite good at it.

His grandfather was a nuclear engineer, and it is believed his relative was also on the spectrum.

The reason James has been so successful is that he can think "methodically" and also think outside the box.

Those working for the NHS and emergency services get discounted services. Customers over 65, the disabled, and those on universal credit also get discounts on the services their company offers.

Laura knows what it's like raising special kids. The couple has struggled to get and save money in the past, but those days may be behind them with their new lucrative business.