Woman Removes Her Belly Button And Gifts It To Her Boyfriend

Woman Removes Her Belly Button And Gifts It To Her Boyfriend

People go the extra mile to impress their lovers with gifts of all kinds, but have you ever thought about gifting your partner with a gift such as removing your body part? Well, that's what a woman did to express her love for her boyfriend.

Pauline Casillas Landeros, a 23-year old woman from Mexico, went an extra mile to have her belly button removed so that she can gift it to her at the time boyfriend. Even though she did this out of love three years ago, this is a decision she now regrets.

At the time when Landeros had her belly button removed, she was having issues with her family who did not approve of her way of life. Her family was against the many tattoos and modifications she had all over her body. She then went ahead to remove her belly button to spite them.

woman removes her belly button and gifts it to her boyfriend

Landeros admits to having problems with her family. According to her, she wasn't close to her family at the time of the surgery. She was always fascinated by body modifications, and this was what created the rift between her and the family.

Even though the surgeon was able to remove the body part successfully, the procedure left Landeros with a lot of pain.

She claims that the surgeon gave her bad advice on how to take care of the trauma and as a result, the wound got infected. She went through a lot of suffering because of the pain. She spent many days in bed, unable to push, laugh, stretch, or even move.

Despite the amount of pain, Landeros still pushed through with her plan of gifting the belly button to her boyfriend. She placed it in a plastic bag and sent it to him with an "I love you" note.

woman removes her belly button and gifts it to her boyfriend

According to Landeros, her boyfriend supported her in many difficult times, and she was very much in love. She claims her then-boyfriend was one of the most influential people in her life. She said that the action was done in the spur of the moment and they were both young and stupid.

Her boyfriend was impressed with the gift, and even though the couple has since broken up, he still keeps the gift, and they are good friends. According to Landeros, they are still good friends, and they will always love each other.

Years after the surgery, Landeros admits that she now regrets undergoing the procedure. Her relationship with the family has improved, and she can now see their point of view.

Landeros now puts herself in her mom's shoes and imagines how the process had been devastating to her. She imagines how it feels when your child wants to cut all connections with the family.

She admits her actions were impulsive, reckless and she hurt a lot of people. She would have given it more thought. If given a second chance, she wouldn't do it again. She can, however, not do much about it now.

Landeros maintains that she has learned her lesson from this experience. The experience taught her to think things through before acting. The scar serves as a nice reminder that characterizes her.