Woman Praised For Standing Up To Man Harassing Her At Gym

Woman Praised For Standing Up To Man "harassing" Her At Gym

Chelsie Gleason, from Texas, ended months of harassment and even caught this conversation on TikTok, gaining over 20 million views and counting.

Gleason was lifting weights when a guy approached her, trying to start up a conversation. Chelsie was wearing earbuds and trying to focus on her workout, but the man was not taking a hint.

Chelsie was sick of the unwanted attention, and luckily she even managed to take a video of the conversation.

Ending Months Of Harassment

The TikTok video starts with a voiceover, which says: "I've never met this guy, and he's been harassing me for months."

Filmed in a Crunch Fitness gym, Chelsie first confidently said:


"Don't come near me."

The man went away, and the online community praised the young woman.

One TikToker wrote:

"Yes! Always be loud and call attention! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that."

Another said:


The third comment wrote:

"Ladies: Don't ever be afraid to be loud and cause a scene if a man is making you uncomfortable."


And another added:

"The fact that you gracefully ignored him and he still had the audacity to get THAT close to you KNOWING you weren't interested."

While we admire Chelsie's assertive way of getting rid of this guy, it is sad that many still refuse to take a hint after months of acting like creeps.

The Creepy Guy Was Banned From The Gym

Woman Praised For Standing Up To Man "harassing" Her At Gym

Following the viral video, Crunch Fitness announced it had found the man and banned him from its facilities.

In the follow-up video, Chelsie explained what happened and how this random person became such a problem. At first, she thought he was just another friendly man.


However, in the following weeks, he would keep approaching Chelsie, and she felt hopeless:

"Why is he approaching me, I've already told him, you know, leave me alone. I don't really need your help. I don't really want your advice. I'm not asking you for anything. Just kind of leave me alone."

Chelsie's friends also noticed his strange behavior, even sharing that he was being followed. The staff was well aware of his behavior, but they thought he would eventually stop.

Chelsie explained:

"When he turned around, he called me a f*****g traitor, which, you know, he's called me before, so I didn't think anything of it, honestly, at that point."

"Staff is well aware, we're all watching him. We're not really doing too much, because he's just, it's all verbal. And it's nothing threatening, really, until about a couple of weeks ago."

The story continued with a second follow-up video.

The Guy Is Now Under Arrest

Woman Praised For Standing Up To Man "harassing" Her At Gym

Chelsie explained that she had her first frightening interaction with this man a few weeks ago. She wanted him to leave her alone, but:

"He called me crazy, called me a b***h, literally got all defensive. He would follow me around areas of the gym, just make weird comments to me harass me, and a lot of my gym brothers, they would have my back, they made sure that I got to my car safely."

Things got so scary that Chelsie's friends and gym buddies would follow her to the car. Even nighttime staff would make sure she would safely get to her vehicle.

But Chelsie feels free finally, and no, she was not imagining. This man was already a known stalker:

"Finally, after this video blew up, we got his name, we got ahold of him. He's banned. He can't come back."

"When I got to the gym last night, they informed me that he tried to come back, and the police were called, and he was arrested. And they found he already had a warrant out for stalking another girl."

We hope that this man will stay away from Chelsie. Sadly, this is an everyday occurrence for millions of women across the world.