Woman Pays £1200 For Crate Of Prime Energy Cans From Controversial Shop Wakey Wines

It's clear that Prime Energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular, as they have been a hot topic on the internet recently.

One woman was so enamored with the drink that she went to great lengths to obtain it, even spending the equivalent of over $1600 on multiple crates of the product from the contentious Wakefield-based store, Wakey Wines.

Many people might consider this a steep price to pay, but the woman appeared ecstatic with her purchase despite the cost.


The store, Wakey Wines, shared news of the woman's extraordinary purchase on TikTok, before their account was ultimately banned from the social media platform.

In the video, the store owner can be seen interacting with the customer and inquiring about her and her companion's location as they came to make the large purchase.

As it turns out, the woman and her friend had made a considerable journey of about 45 minutes from Sheffield to acquire a large quantity of the energy drink, which had gained viral fame due to its association with social media personalities, KSI and Logan Paul.


As the store owner holds the crate of energy drinks, he says: "What made you come from Sheffield?"

"I've come for my cans of Prime," the woman answers before her friend said she had made the trip for "some sweets."

Placing a hand on the crate, the shopkeeper says: "You've got 12 packs and you'll give me $1,600 for that."

The shopkeeper expresses to the woman that she is the first individual from Sheffield to make such a substantial acquisition of Prime Energy Drink and expresses his gratitude for her patronage.


"What's the best shop in Wakey?" he asks.

"Wakey Wines!" the women shout.

In case you are curious about the product, Prime Energy drinks, allow me to provide an explanation.

Prime Energy drinks are a creation of the YouTube personalities, Logan Paul and KSI, They recently introduced a new version of the drink which comes in cans and rapidly gaining popularity.

The latest iteration of the drink contains a powerful 200mg of caffeine, twice the amount of electrolytes as the original Prime drink, and comes with no sugar added.


However, the drink has attracted some controversy due to individuals purchasing the products in bulk to resell them for a profit.

Wakey Wines, the store who previously shared the video of a large purchase on TikTok but now banned, is facing criticism for reselling the cans of the drink at a markup.

The drink retails for $2.6 per can or $32.50 per crate, but the store had advertised them for $130.


The shop has faced strong criticism even by Prime's co-founder KSI, who condemned the store's high markup pricing of the drinks, which he said was 'unjustifiable' given their popularity.

In an Instagram post, Wakey Wines announced the ban from TikTok and wrote:


"All of my videos are all for fun, I saw a business idea with WFD sweets just like any other business man and I took the opportunity.

"Some jealous horrible people. Please report these posts and help me!

"Thank you to my fans always, Wakey Wines."