Woman Named Diana De Vegh Claims She Was JFK's Mistress When She Was Only 20 Years Old

Woman Named Diana De Vegh Claims She Was Jfk’s Mistress When She Was Only 20 Years Old

To many Americans, John F. Kennedy is one of the best presidents America has ever had. However, the fact that he was assassinated played a role in helping make him one of the most popular presidents ever.

As far as most people knew, for 10 years, he was married to Jackie Kennedy, and the union ended after the president was gunned down in Dallas, Texas.

Their personal life did not get as much attention as the dramatic manner in which JFK died. Nevertheless, there were cheating rumors dogging their relationship all through, both when they were dating and when they were married.


These rumors have since been confirmed. Apparently, JFK got into many affairs even as he was married to Jackie, with many thinking less seriously of his marriage after knowing about these indiscretions.

Even though JFK is long dead, it seems that the list of people who apparently had an affair with him is still growing. More recently, a woman named Diana de Vegh had confessed that she had an affair with JFK when he was still married.


Diana explained that she got involved with him when she was just 20 years old.

Diana Was In College When They Met


An essay published in August of 2021 explained that Diana had met JFK while she was still a student in college:

"I was 20, a junior at Radcliffe College, and wishing I was not. Read, take notes, write papers, pass exams, get good grades, repeat."

To Diana, college was a mind-numbing experience she was always looking to get away from in search of "focus" and "purpose."

Diana Was Eager To Make An Impression On The Charismatic Politician


When Diana and JFK met, he was campaigning to get a second term in office as senator. He met her at her table during an event, and a conversation ensued.

This moment was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Diana, and she was keen to impress JFK and become "one of his favorites."

Having been raised by a handsome father who was always the center of attention, Diana felt a familiar feeling when they crossed paths with JFK.


Apparently, when her father got home, "it was like the curtain going up on an exciting, witty play where he was the director, writer, and star."

She had the same feeling about JFK, and she got anxious and hopeful. Although she did not know him very well, she felt a connection.

JFK Separated Diana From Her Group


Immediately after Diana and JFK met, she lied about having read and liked his book. After that, he invited her and her group to attend his next campaign and even went to the extent of sending his own driver to get Diana.

More importantly, he revealed to her that there was "something special" about her. Diana believed his every word.

JFK's Circle Gave Her Special Attention


It did not take long for Diana to realize that she had been isolated from the rest of her group. He was trying to keep her a secret, but she did not realize it until it was too late.

His circle gave Diana a lot of attention, and she always had someone bring her some coffee or come and talk to her. She was often called 'sweetheart,' and she was incredibly flattered.

She later realized they were doing this as a way to make her less conspicuous during public events. This ensured that she was not too close to JFK, who was obviously always the center of attention.


Diana Managed To Ignore The Fact That He Was Married


Although JFK was married, this did not apparently bother Diana. She later admitted to being unable to consider all the realities of her situation because she was in a "movie-star-crush land."

However, the fact that he never mentioned the fact that he was married made it easier to forget about it and stay in her "bubble."

They'd Meet In The Car After The Events


In the beginning, all the two would do was spend time in the car following the events. From there, Diana was taken back to her home.

However, during their time together in the car, JFK would be a different person. He would tell her she was special and tell her she had a "spark."

Diana had no idea what was so special about her in JFK's eyes. She did not feel that she had demonstrated anything unique about herself. Nonetheless, she played along.


Eventually, Diana Was Invited Into His Apartment


Before long, Diana had the honor of being invited into JFK's apartment in Boston. Things got a lot more serious after that.

Apparently, when he put his hand on hers, she felt tempted to pull it away, but she did not.

She was confused at her inability to resist and wondered if love was playing a role. However, she was quite confused, which she ascribed to being "20 years old, with a full supply of hormones and madly in love with this compelling man."


However, she did not fling herself into his arms out of fear. She thinks that was because she subconsciously knew that being an "adventure" came with a heavy social cost.

An Affair Began


Even though Diana knew the dangers she was exposing herself to, she went on to have an affair with JFK. They both understood what was at stake, and they would meet secretly in hotel rooms and at his apartment in Boston.

However, the affair ended at JFK's say-so after he began working with Diana's father during his campaign. Initially, he had no idea they were related, but he was quite nervous when he found out there were.


Not even an attempt to reboot an affair a few months afterward could help keep it going. It was truly over between them.