Weird Story

Woman Mortified After Accidentally Sending Nude To Her Parents

A woman meant to share a steamy photo with her partner, however, it ended up in the wrong hands.

The woman is the mother-of-one fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith. She opened up about the embarrassing mishap in the podcast Outspoken.

The event happened several years ago while Smith was living on her own. She took an intimate photo of herself and wished to share it with her now-husband Josh Miller.

Instead, the unlucky woman managed to send it to her business partner as well as her parents.

"I'm fairly sure this is up there with the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me, I sent a nude to my mom and dad," Smith confessed on the podcast.

Her co-worker Laura Henshaw received the message and came over to Smith's house to try to help.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done since her parent's app was set to automatically download any attachments. The photo was saved in their gallery.

The parents, however, took the situation lightly as her mother jokily replied:

"I don't think we needed to see that."

Smith discussed the event together with journalist sisters Amy, Kate, and Sophie Taeuber. The podcast hosts agreed that the situation was unbearable.

The sisters said they would "smash" their phones if it happened to them with one of them adding that she would "throw the phone in the river and disappear for a few years".

It is not the first or last time spicy text or snaps meant for an appreciative partner ended up in the wrong hands.

Another woman called Alexa sent her sultry text message to her father instead of her boyfriend.

"Babe I wish we could f*** and eat pizza after every night," she wrote.

The devastated woman shared screenshots of the conversation on Twitter as an example of how wrong things can go.

"Dad I am so sorry," she wrote as soon as she realized her mistake.

The father luckily did not seem to take offense as he responded to her message.

"So how was the pizza?" he asked.