Woman Marries Her Own 69-YO Stepfather Who She Met At Her Own Mother's Wedding

Woman Marries Her Own 69-yo Stepfather Who She Met At Her Own Mother’s Wedding

Woman, 28, who married her stepfather, reveals how they first met at his wedding to her mother.

Sarah, from South Wales, married David, 69, who also happens to be her stepfather.

She revealed that she met David for the first time when she was a teen bridesmaid at her mother's wedding to David.

The couple is now celebrating the 10th anniversary, and they own a bouncy castle company together.

Although Sarah's family didn't accept that she married her stepfather, it didn't stop her from following her heart. Her family even disowned her.

Sarah married David once David's marriage with her mother failed.

After David's first wife died, he met Sarah's mother, who later became his second wife.

Talking at Channel 5 series Age Gap Love, David revealed:

"After my first wife died - I'd been married for over 30 years - I'd been on my own for a little while and got really low and lonely."

"Then I was introduced to my next wife, who happened to be your [Sarah's] mother."

He then married Sarah at a registry office, 4 years later. Sarah revealed that it was her dream wedding and with the perfect man.

Sarah said:

"When David married my mum I was 14, nearly 15, I was living in Portsmouth with my dad and moved into foster care. So I only met David on the day of the wedding and then didn't see him again for a year."

Sarah also reported that their unlikely friendship grew when she visited her mother.

She said:

"David and I just had a natural friendship and just enjoyed each other's company,' Sarah recalls. 'We could talk and laugh and be friends."

David also said that there might be a wide age gap between them, but there's no mental gap.

The couple plans to renew their wedding vows, and they hope that more relatives and friends will attend the event.