Woman Makes Whooping $298K A Year By Selling "J*zzy Jewellery" Made With Real Semen

Amanda Booth has been designing jewelry from a variety of bodily fluids, including breast milk and ashes, for some time now. Her latest addition to the collection, "j*zzy jewelry," has proven popular among her customers. Despite its appearance, Booth asserts that the concept is not sexual, but rather, it is a more intimate and personal expression.

Amanda Booth, age 33, earns a substantial income of $238,000 annually through the sale of custom jewelry crafted from bodily fluids, including semen.


Previously, Booth was crafting jewelry from breast milk and ashes, but in August of last year, she introduced "Jizzy Jewelry" which has since gained great popularity and success.


Booth creates "pearls" by drying semen, converting it into powder, and blending it with clay. They have a price range of CA $110 to CA $300. Note that customers need to supply their own semen samples for the process.

Amanda, from Ontario, Canada, explained the origin of the unique concept: "I'd been working with sentimental materials since about October 2021."

"I started working with ashes and breast milk because I had a friend whose son died and then another friend asked if I could do breast milk and I had to figure out how to turn it into powder."


"I started sharing them on social media and it just blew up."


"We went from 10 to 20 orders to hundreds of orders and my husband had to quit his job to help with orders."

"Almost everything I do comes from people requesting and suggesting things and someone commented on TikTok asking if I'd ever incorporated 'jizz' into my work."

"I initially took offence to it and thought 'why would you ask that?', but then I decided to run with it and created a joke marketing campaign with the idea on Facebook.


"It was just a joke at first but then I started getting serious requests for it and and I sat back and I thought, 'This is gross and I wouldn't do it for myself, but who I am to judge if people want it?'


"I tried it out with my husband's sample first and it worked, so I took on orders."

According to Amanda, the items can make a suitable gift for marking a fertility journey, giving as a vasectomy gift, surprising a partner, or simply to bring closer intimacy.

Amanda states that the concept is often misinterpreted and it is not solely tied to sexuality.


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Amanda said: "We get a lot of women who convince their partners to order it for them and also a lot of guys who just want it as a display piece sometimes."

"We had a trans woman who was having bottom surgery and wanted it for herself to commemorate that part of her journey."

"There was one about a woman whose husband had passed and the only thing she had left of him was a condom in the garage so she had something made for him."


"We do female samples too and sometimes we get mixed samples."

"I had a lesbian couple who got a sperm donor and breast milk after they had the baby and mixed that together."

"A lot of people think it's just a kink and a sexual thing, myself included at the start, but in reality there are so many beautiful stories out there."

"I think a lot of people just misunderstand it I guess."